All About CS:GO Betting Odds

CSGO betting is quite popular these days. One major reason why csgo betting is so popular is that the game itself is very popular. CSGO also has a massive esports scene with insane hype and prize pools regularly exceeding half a million dollars. CS: GO competitions are some of the most exciting sporting events, and people love to bet on them.

If you are new to betting, one of the most important things for you to learn more about is CS: GO betting odds. To help you with that, here is everything you need to know about csgo betting odds.

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Everything You Need to Know About Betting Odds for CS:GO

Betting itself is fairly simple. Let's say that an esports match for CS: GO has just started between Team Liquid and Fnatic. You think a particular team has a higher chance of winning this match. To bet on it, you place a wager on that specific outcome. If you win the bet, you get some money in return. However, if you lose it, you get nothing.

This is just a simple explanation of how csgo betting works. What amount you will get in return if you win the bet and what are the exact chances of a team winning a match or any other outcome occurring are not straightforward questions. Both of them depend on a betting term called odds, which in this case is CSGO odds.

While there are a lot more esports betting terms that you need to understand about bet csgo before you get into it, betting odds are probably the most important one. If you have a solid grip on CS: GO betting odds, you can safely start betting on CSGO events with a relatively higher success rate.

CS:GO Betting Odds Explained

As you might have already guessed, CS: GO betting odds describe two main things about an outcome for a pro-CSGO esports event. It includes the chances of an outcome occurring and the amount of return you get if you win the bet.

Let's say that a CSGO esports match is going on between Faze Clan and Cloud9. One possible result is that Faze Clan will win. Another possible outcome is that Cloud9 will get the first kill. Odds for both these outcomes will represent the chances of them actually occurring.

It is super important that you know how to read odds because cs go odds will tell you a lot in choosing the outcome you should bet on. When you know what outcomes are more likely to occur than others, you can easily decide which is the safest bet for you.

The next thing that odds tell you is the amount of money you will get in return if you win the bet, which has an inverse relation with the likelihood of an event occurring. The more the chances of an outcome, the lesser the return you get.

On the other hand, if you bet on an outcome that is not likely to occur, you get a larger return because you are taking on a higher risk.

Types of CS:GO Betting Odds

There are three types of betting odds for csgo. It includes Decimal odds, Fractional odds, and American odds. The difference is only in the format. It means that any of the three odd formats can be used to represent odds for a single outcome.

Fractional odds use a fraction like 3/2, with odds 3/2 being pronounced three to two. 3/2 fractional odds mean you will get $3 in return for betting $2, where $1 is the winning amount. Since this is less than a two-times return, the likelihood of an outcome with odds of 3/2 is very high.

You can think of decimal odds as converted from fractional odds, exactly how fractions get converted into decimals. So 3/2 becomes 1.5, and 2/1 becomes 2. Decimal odds represent the exact multiple you will win. Odds of 1.5 will get you a 1.5x return on the amount you wager.

American odds are not that common for CS: GO betting. American odds of -150 represent the amount you will need to bet to win $100, and American odds of +120 represent the return you will get if you bet $100. However, you don't need to go into depth with this format because you won't be seeing this a lot in csgo bets.

Where to Find The Best CS: GO Odds

Online esports bookmakers will generally agree on what outcome is more likely to occur. However, each bookmaker will have slightly different odds. For example, you will see that G2 winning the match will have odds of 2.5 at some bookmakers and 2.55 at others.

When you use these bookmakers to place some bets using your hard-earned money, you want to get the most out of them. For example, if you are placing a wager on a risky outcome, you would want a substantial return if that outcome occurs.

Also, if you are betting on an outcome likely to happen, it is not worth it if you get only $1 for betting $100. For this reason, you should look always look for the best CSGO odds.

Finding an online bookmaker with the best odds is a time-consuming process. You will need to compare odds at several platforms and see which platforms offer odds with the highest returns. However, there is an easier way to do that.

You can simply check out EsportRanker, which is a great site that reviews some of the top CSGO betting sites based on several standards. These standards also include betting odds.

The Best Live CS: GO Betting Odds

CSGO matches can change from one team winning the match to the other team winning the match in a matter of seconds. It is also what makes cs go betting super exciting. However, this means that the odds for certain outcomes also change as the match progresses. These changing odds are called live betting odds.

As you may have guessed, live betting odds are used for live betting. Live betting is simply placing bets on a CS: GO match or a match for any other esports as it takes place, while conventional betting includes bets placed long before the match has even started.

There are tons of benefits with live betting odds that bettors can take advantage of. First of all, since live betting allows both bettors and bookmakers to analyze the match as it takes place, live CSGO betting odds are much more accurate, which means that they are better at predicting the likelihood of an outcome.

For example, if you see that a team is taking a beating, it seems likely that the other team will win.

The second advantage of live betting odds is that sometimes you can get betting odds with insane returns. You can only snipe these betting opportunities with live betting.

Bet on CS:GO With Real Money

One of the great things about CSGO betting is that you can do it with real money. To start betting on csgo events, the first thing that you need to do is choose an online bookmaker that offers cs: go betting markets.

After that, you will need to make some cash deposits using the deposit options available on the platform, and then use those deposits to place bets on outcomes for CSGO events that you like. For example, you can place bets on the finals of ESL Pro League or the first match for some other tournament series.

Deciding whether cs: go betting is right for you depends on several factors. The main factor is whether you know much about the game and its esports scene. If you are a good CSGO player and have been following the csgo esports scene for a long time, you are probably good at predicting outcomes. If that's the case, then you should definitely consider CS: GO betting.

On the other hand, if you play CSGO as a casual gamer and have never watched a single esports event for csgo, CSGO betting might not be worth it for you. However, this does not mean you can try it and start getting better from there.


What are odds of CSGO betting formats?

CSGO betting odd formats are ways that you can represent betting odds for CSGO. The most common types of betting odd formats include Decimal odds, Fractional Odds, and American odds, with each one having a slightly different method for reading them.

What do CS: GO odds tell you?

CSGO betting odds tell you two major things about the outcomes of a CSGO esports match. First of all, they tell you the likelihood of an outcome occurring. The other thing that CSGO betting odds tell you about is the amount of return you will get if you bet a certain amount.

What are the best csgo betting odds?

The best CSGO betting odds will get you the most amount of return. However, since almost all betting sites have slightly different odds, you will have to compare odds for several sites to figure out which site offers the best betting odds.

Are live CS:GO betting odds better?

In short, yes, there are tons of benefits with live CSGO betting odds. Live betting odds change as the match progresses, so they are relatively more accurate, which results in higher chances of you winning the bet.

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