Top Call of Duty Betting Sites 2024

In recent years battle royale games have proven to be very popular within the eSports betting community. A good example of this is the FPS Call of Duty: Warzone. It is free to play and available across a range of platforms. This includes versions on current generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as PCs. CoD: Warzone is a part of the 2019 Modern Warfare installment, rather than being an individual title. It was released during the 2nd season of Modern Warfare content updates. This means that a large established CoD player base were able to access it.

Since CoD: Warzone came out in 2020 it has seen a significant amount of server traffic. The game has been embraced as a favorite by numerous eSport professionals. As a result the gambling industry has also taken notice. The developers behind the game are Infinity Ward and Raven Software.

Top Call of Duty Betting Sites 2024
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A brief introduction to Call of Duty esports

The latter worked solely to produce the Cold War section of Warzone. Activision, the company behind past successful CoD titles published it.

Players can choose from two main modes: Battle Royale or Plunder. The former involves being dropped into a map with up to 150 players in a standard game. A number of limited time rounds support 200 players. This means that gamblers will have plenty of choice of who to place a wager one.

Battle Royale

This mode is similar to many other popular games in the genre. Players compete against each other on a map that is continuously shrinking. The winner is the last player/team standing. If a non-playable area is entered health gets damaged by a yellow gas.

The gas spreads until the last survivors are forced into a tight section of the map. When players die they are transported to a new mode called Gulag. It pits them against another in a death match. Winners get the chance to respawn back into Battle Royale. Sports betting fans usually place wagers on the surviving player or team.


In this mode teams work together to search for stacks of cash that have been scattered over the map. Plunder players automatically respawn after death. The main goal is to accumulate $1 million. Once this is achieved overtime begins and cash sums become multiplied. The team that manages to gather the most money when the clock runs out is declared the winner.

Blood Money is a variation on this mode in which performing finishing moves will reward players with extra money. They can also take part in contracts. With the release of CoD: Vanguard another variation came out. It introduces flyable combat vehicles to matches. These factors can affect the odds of a bet.

Everything you need to know about betting on Call of Duty

Since Warzone is such a well established title within eSport games it should not be difficult to find a betting site that focuses on it. To find it the user will need to access the eSports markets tab. If they are accessing a broad online casino then the tab will likely be on the sports betting page.

There will be information on upcoming matches. The users can select which player they believe has a chance of winning. Usually 150 of them will be competing against each other in one match. The exact number can alter the odds significantly. If gamblers do not know the track record of players they will have a slim chance of winning their bet.

Warzone follows the standard formula of other battle royale games. The options for eSport betting sites will be familiar to anyone who has gambled on similar titles. Users may pick a player to predict as the outright winner. Alternatively, they could wager that they will be within the top 3.

There are also eSports betting app options that let players place wagers in one-on-one CoD matches. However, it is still fairly niche and requires gamblers to get an invite from content creators on the apps. One unique aspect of this option is that non professionals can bet on themselves to win.

How popular is Call of Duty esports?

The are numerous reasons why millions of people around the world have chosen to play this game. The internet is filled with communities focused on Warzone and placing bets on upcoming matches. The free and online nature of the game is integral to its success.

The game is fairly simple and fun to play. If people want to become pros at it there are several skills that they need to develop. There are a number of strategies for increasing the chances of winning a Warzone tournament. Gamblers need to be on the lookout for both established and rising stars.

Internet community

Because the game is enjoyed by so many people across the world a large internet community has formed around it. This encompasses a plethora of social media sites. There are subreddits dedicated to specific and niche aspects of Warzone. This includes tips, memes and discussions of game updates.

The streaming app Twitch is filled with channels where gamblers can watch matches and discover talented players. Since there is such a healthy community online newcomers can easily learn how to both play and bet on cod.

Playing Call of Duty Online

The vast majority of eSports are played exclusively online and Warzone is no exception. The main difference is that this game allows cross platform matches. Players on Xboxes can compete with people on PlayStations. Online play also means that the game is updated on a regular basis.

Any bugs and issues can be fixed before player numbers dwindle as a result. Furthermore new content is created. For example, online Warzone players have been able to download new maps, weapons, cutscenes and skins.

Biggest CoD players

Playing Warzone is a hobby for many but some people manage to do so on a professional level. If someone wants to become a big eSports player they need to do several things. First they should know Warzone inside and out. The more they play the better they will become at honing their skills.

Attending tournaments and events will raise their profile. Many of the most recognizable names in eSports commit a large chunk of time to playing their chosen game. If they become well known enough they will start to appear in sports betting markets.

Why is CoD loved by players?

The standard version of Warzone is free. Therefore people from many different economic backgrounds can enjoy it. It is not the first battle royale title to become popular. Fortnite offered a similar type of gameplay. However, the game is a less cartoonish option. The CoD series is well known for its realistic portrayal of conflict.

Players can enjoy this winning aesthetic within a game mode that encourages attentiveness, strategy and constant problem solving. Since Warzone has a limited number of maps it might be assumed that its repetitive nature gets boring over time. However, people continue to enjoy it regardless.

How is competitive CoD played?

Esport players that want to stand a chance of winning will need to perform several tasks. It is important to first check the map that they will be dropping into. It is possible to pop and cut the parachute several times to find a safe drop zone. Players need to stash their cash before they are killed by an enemy. Hoarding it is never a winning option. Furthermore, if they are working as part of a team it is wise to share resources.

Biggest players and teams of the game

If gamblers want to place a winning Warzone bet it is vital that they acquaint themselves with the most successful players and teams. This can change on a fairly frequent basis. A large number of them showcase themselves on the app Twitch. It is useful to read weekly updates on who has exceeded in weekly Warzone tournaments. Gamblers can also be on the lookout for rising stars. Betting on them is ideal for anyone who is seeking good odds.

Is there a Call of Duty championship?

The Call of Duty League was only established in 2020. Despite this it has managed to attain significant attention from the gambling community. The tournament is dominated by teams from the US. The top three were OpTic Texas (formerly the Dallas Empire), Atlanta FaZe and OpTic Chicago (formerly the Chicago Huntsmen).

If gamblers want to understand which Warzone players are the biggest they can check recent Power Rankings. For example, in August 2021 the five most successful were Supervan, Fifakill, Biffle, Jukeyz and Tommey. These players may not always participate in the CoD League itself but there is some overlap.

Whilst the US makes up the bulk of winning teams there are several contenders from the UK, Canada and France. Furthermore, individual players considered world class hail from Russia, Spain, Turkey, China and Germany. League managers are often looking for new stars to sign up. They may choose people who have become pros via solo competitions. The rankings of these individuals are usually based on how much they earned in event winnings.

Everything about the Call of Duty League

An eSports version of a world cup works very much the same way as its real world counterparts. Teams of elite gamers compete against each other to win the top prize. This is usually in the form of cash. For example in the 2021 majors for the Call of Duty League the prize was $1,200,000.

Whilst they were considered niche in the past eSports world tournaments have recently entered the mainstream. Gambling has played a part in this. Cod bet fans have recognized that wagering on these events is fun and simple. Major sponsors have also boosted the profile of the tournaments. By providing high paying prizes to winning teams they have increased the elite nature of them.

An eSports world cup is structured in the form of a season. The CoD one has five stages in which teams play matches over the course of three weeks. This allows gamblers to study the best players in preparation for the finals. There are 12 qualifying teams in each major tournament. The prize pool is broadly distributed. Even if a team comes 8th in the playoffs they can still attain $25,000. For this reason the world cup attracts seasoned pros.

CoD: Warzone World Cup betting

There is a huge market for CoD wagers warzone. Novices may end up feeling overwhelmed and confused by all of the options. Choosing a well known tournament such as the CoD League is ideal for these gamblers.

They can place bets on some of the greatest Warzone players in the world. It should be noted that this game is actually a part of CoD: Modern Warfare. Sportsbook options for it may be found under this title as a result.

As eSports begins to be taken more seriously it seems likely that there will be an increase in online casinos that offer bets on Warzone. The nature of matches will also be affected by new content updates. For example, the release of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War has had a big effect on the game modes played in the CoD League.

Fair play issues

Gamblers will naturally be concerned that the matches they bet on are run fairly. Reputable sportsbook sites also take this issue seriously. The Call of Duty League can only be played using a PC. The controller needs to be pre-approved as well. Matches take place within a controlled digital environment where each team gets an even start. This helps to prevent match fixing.

There are restrictions on the maps, game modes and weapons available to contenders. They need to adhere to a strict ruleset. Regulation is an important aspect of eSport betting.

Find the perfect CoD esports bookmakers

In the past it was fairly difficult to find a site that allowed users to place bets on video game events. Luckily this is changing as eSports become more mainstream. There are numerous providers for this type of bet. The easiest way to determine if a company specializes in this market is to open up their sportsbook page. If there is an eSport section it will be good news.

However, it will be even harder to find a provider for Warzone in particular. Despite its popularity the game is more niche within the gambling world compared to Fortnite or FIFA. The best eSport betting site will have an extensive catalogue of titles to wager on. Gamblers will have more luck if they wait for global tournaments that feature Warzone specifically. CoD betting sites are not that hard to find, since it is a well-known game to bet on.

If people are still struggling to locate markets from traditional gambling establishments there is an alternative option. They could seek out eSport specific betting sites. Since these organizations focus solely on gaming they will provide a greater amount of titles. Warzone may be one of them.

Follow the best CoD: Warzone teams and bet accurately

Because there are usually 12 pro teams competing in a tournament it is important to get to know each one. Doing so will give the gambler insight into who is most likely to win. The more a person researches the teams the more accurate their bet is likely to be.

The person wagering may want to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each team leading up the playoffs. If they need to do additional research game streaming sites are useful. The gambler can follow individual players to better understand their track record.

The scenarios being faced by them in the tournament will also play a role. Some teams only thrive in one particular map and game mode. When make a call of duty bet, the exact nature of match rounds need to be taken into account.

What to look for in an esport team?

Even if a Warzone champion group has a history of wins it does not mean bets are a sure thing. The details of their playing style will have an effect. The gambler should first watch an old playthrough of a team they are interested in wagering to win. The team needs to exhibit a number of key traits.

Each Warzone member will have a specific role that plays to their strengths. Some are aggressive whereas others are more tactical. The key thing is that the individuals work well together as a collective.

The best players will only fire if they are sure to secure an elimination. When misses occur it tends to alert enemies. If teams have a low accuracy/hit rating then betting on them will be a risk.

As well as weapons expertise a superior team will know the best spots to land at the start of a match. There will already be a game plan that they will stick to. Professionals spend many hours familiarizing themselves with Warzone maps for this reason.

Notable CoD teams to bet on

As well as the previously stated CoD League contenders there are several high ranking teams that thrive in other Warzone competitions. The problem with determining the best ones is that teams are regularly changing line-ups. It is therefore useful to base notability on long terms progress.

275 Warzone tournaments took place from March 2020 to November 2021. A prize pool of over $8,000,000 was shared between teams. The top five earners during this time were: 100 Thieves, NRG Esports, FaZe Clan and New York Subliners. If any of these groups compete against a lower ranked one they will have a good probability of winning. This makes them a fairly safe bet.

Pros and Cons with Call of Duty betting

Whilst numerous people choose to bet on Call of Duty matches it is not for everyone. In order to determine if it is an ideal eSport the gambler should take all of the positive and negative aspects into consideration.


  • Each match contains around 150 players giving gamblers plenty of choice.
  • The game rules are fairly easy to understand and learn.
  • The best players take part in regular tournaments, making it simpler to narrow down potential winners.
  • Warzone is a highly entertaining game. Some people watch matches for solely recreational purposes.
  • There is a large amount of media buzz before big Warzone competitions. Reading publications about them will give gamblers extra insight before placing a bet on Warzone.


  • Whilst matches are entertaining they can also be unpredictable, making bets less safe than other eSports.
  • The internet is filled with Warzone communities but it can be a struggle to find sites that feature it in their sportsbook markets.
  • If gamblers want to watch a match live they will need to stream it online. It is rare for Warzone competitions to be broadcast on television.
  • The CoD series regularly releases new games. This makes the future longevity of Warzone uncertain. Players and gamblers may shift their attention to another CoD game eventually.

Understanding Call of Duty betting odds

The odds for esport betting on Warzone will be based on several factors. Some people like to place fairly simple wagers such as predicting the overall winner of a match. However, the Warzone odds can be altered by being more specific. For example, they could predict what score the winner ends up accumulating. Since the Plunder mode involves collecting virtual cash a bet could focus on the total amount.

The map can play a big role in changing the CoD odds of a bet. In many cases the provider will give users a selection of map based wagers. If the user predicts that team A will win they could refine the bet by guessing the number of maps that team B will lose on. Alternatively the prediction could be what specific map team A will win.

Handicaps are popular within the world of eSports gambling. The bookmaker will set this handicap. A common example is when the opposing team has a 1 map lead. It is up to the user to decide if a team will still win even if they are at a disadvantage. This type of bet tends to have enticing odds but is more of a risk.

Betting tips & tricks

The biggest advantage a gambler can have is knowledge. If they research each team and player beforehand they will be much better at choosing a winner. The internet is filled with this information so research should not be too difficult. It is also wise to stay active within the Warzone online community. Doing so helps people understand unforeseen factors that can affect a bet.

It is also a good idea for betting enthusiasts to play the game themselves. There is no better way to gain insight into the challenges that Warzone players face. Regular gamers can stay informed on game updates such as new maps, weapons and objectives. Knowing about them is extremely useful.

Betting on Warzone matches are fairly simple. Pro players with the best weapon choices tend to win. These are often ones with a good balance of damage, range and recoil. Champions are regularly seen wielding SMGs and ARs. H

owever, the CoD developers have been known to change the stats of guns from time to time. This will force teams to come up with new tactics. Gamblers should stay aware of when these changes occur so that they do not place an uninformed bet.

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