Best eSports bookmakers in India 2024

Video games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment, worldwide. Now, with technology and the internet, gamers have the opportunity to stand out and compete in arenas across the globe.

eSports is the organized, competitive world of video gaming. Competitors face off in the most popular games worldwide, including Fortnite, Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Madden NFL, just to name a few.

These competitors, called pro gamers, are followed by eSports fans across the globe, just as people follow traditional sports figures. People tune in either on TV or online using their favorite live streaming platforms, eSports betting sites, and mobile devices to watch pro gamers compete.

We've taken a closer look at this topic right here on CasinoRank India, to inform you about the current industry and best sites you'll be able to find in 2024!

Best eSports bookmakers in India 2024
Raging Bolt: The New King of Pokémon VGC's Metagame

Raging Bolt: The New King of Pokémon VGC's Metagame

In the ever-evolving world of Pokémon competitive play, a new champion has emerged to shake up the scene. Raging Bolt, a Paradox Pokémon introduced in The Indigo Disk DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, has swiftly climbed the ranks to become a dominant force in the VGC metagame. As the Europe International Championships (EUIC) unfolded from April 5 to 7, Raging Bolt not only showcased its power but also dethroned the previously dominant Flutter Mane, capturing the attention of pro players and fans alike.

Skyesports Masters 2024: The Ultimate CS2 Showdown

Skyesports Masters 2024: The Ultimate CS2 Showdown

Skyesports Masters 2024 isn't just any tournament; it's a beacon of hope and excitement for the Counter-Strike 2 community, especially in India. Originally envisioned as a LAN event in Mumbai, this tournament aimed to be a cornerstone in the revival of Indian Counter-Strike. However, due to unforeseen venue approval issues tied to country elections, the event has found a new home in Europe. Despite this shift, the essence of the tournament remains unchanged, promising high-octane CS2 action that fans around the globe can look forward to.

Ursaluna and Porygon2: The Unexpected Champions of Europe International Championships

Ursaluna and Porygon2: The Unexpected Champions of Europe International Championships

The Europe International Championships (EUIC) this past weekend (April 5 to 7) showcased the immense strategic depth and unpredictability that the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet metagame has to offer. While familiar faces dominated the VGC side, two unexpected Pokémon, Ursaluna and Porygon2, emerged as pivotal components of the winning team, defying the conventional wisdom of what constitutes a competitive threat.

Catching All the Action: The Pokémon Europe International Championships (EUIC) 2024

Catching All the Action: The Pokémon Europe International Championships (EUIC) 2024

The Pokémon Europe International Championships (EUIC) is gearing up to be a pivotal showdown in the 2024 competitive season, setting the stage for the North America International Championships (NAIC) and the World Championships. With not just one but all four of the franchise's competitive games on display, the EUIC is a Pokémon enthusiast's dream and a complex spectacle for followers. Here's what you need to know:

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Jason Tanaka
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Written byPriya SharmaWriter

What Is eSports Betting?

eSports betting is becoming one of the world’s favorite hobbies, having exploded in popularity in comparison to traditional sports. Millions of people tuned into eSports events on live streaming channels to watch all their eSports events and favorite gamers live.

As with any other competitive sport, this gives way to the best eSports betting site as a pastime. eSports betting online is very similar to classic sports betting markets. Find your eSports betting market, pick your betting odds and then bet on eSports, wherever you may want.

Best eSports bookmakers in India 2024

History of eSports

eSports Teams continue to move to mainstream media with their events being televised on different channels, including ESPN. More and more gaming fans are tuning in, yet it seems as if these events suddenly just appeared out of the blue.

In reality, eSports have been around since the 1970s and slowly worked its way into the industry it has become today. The first video game competition was held in 1972. Stanford University invited students to compete in a space combat game called Spacewar!, which was created in 1962.

Then in 1980, Atari came into play and held the Space Invaders Championship. There were over 10,000 gamers at that event, which helped bring video games into the focus of people outside the gaming industry.

Founded in 1980, Twin Galaxies is an organization that keeps records of video games to share with the Guinness Book of World Records. With this founding, gamers around the world started racing for top scores in popular games such as Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and Donkey Kong.

How the Internet Changed Gaming

While the 1980s really brought the video game craze to the world, it took the internet in the 1990s to really open up a new world to gamers across the globe. The ‘90s introduced gaming systems such as Super NES and the Sega Genesis, which made gaming more accessible to people.

Nintendo grew the competitive gaming world by hosting the Nintendo World Championships. These events paved the way for leagues such as the Cyberathlete Professional League and the Professional Gamers League, the first real eSports league.

Gaming in the 21st Century

The '90s put all the pieces together for eSports to explode when the new century rolled around. Video games became were gaining popularity thanks to better graphics, and internet cafes gave gamers access to gaming PCs they may not have been able to afford at home.

By 2010, there were tournaments being held across the globe for gamers to compete in. Nintendo returned with the Wii and had over 400,000 participants in their Wii Games Summer 2010 event.

The founding of Twitch in 2011 gave gamers a platform to compete with one another. By broadcasting events and tournaments to viewers in all countries, everyone with an interest in gaming was able to watch, and esports exploded, becoming immensely popular as a spectator sport among the masses.

The Big Leagues

Today, major world championships are held annually. The League of Legends World Championship, which has quickly gained a cult-like following, has amassed over 60 million viewers in recent years. The prize money in this championship total USD $1 million.

The International, which hosts Dota 2 gamers, was first held in 2011, and only the top 16 eSports teams were invited to participate in the event. Today, top prizes are well over USD $10 million, with total prize pools easily doubling this amount. This is truly a testament to how massive the eSports industry has become.

Other world championships for specific games like Fortnite, Starcraft, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are quickly adding to the tournament tour that gamers across the globe can compete in.

History of eSports Betting

While traditional sports betting itself is not new, having been around since the ancient Romans bet on chariot races, eSports betting didn’t take off until just recently. In the 1970s, gamers started betting on arcade games, such as Asteroids and Invaders. Bets were small and placed in person at local networking parties.

As the internet became more popular in the 1990s and players realized they could connect and play multiplayer games through routers, eSports betting started to become more popular in the arena of the now called eSports betting industry.

Skin Betting

Skin gambling, an in-game item that allows gamers to change the look of their character, became popular, but was not controlled and was illegal in most countries. Skin betting sites became restricted and gamers had to find a new betting method.

Money Betting

eSports betting sites started popping up that allowed people to place money eSports bets, similar to sports betting. These eSports betting sites offer live streaming and chatting and of course, eSports odds on players in various eSports tournaments. People can review the odds and place their eSports bets based on the information they have been given.

Today, the eSports betting industry is highly regulated. By picking a reliable eSports betting site, bettors can ensure that their data is secure and private and that the eSports betting site is operating within the law.

Video Gaming as a Career

Gamers may look at eSports as a career move. Although not everyone will make the cut, this opportunity is widely available to mass populations. Through practice, rigorous training, and dedicating hours every day to mastering their chosen game, gamers can consider moving into an eSports career.

Unlike physical sports, video gaming is accessible to those with certain physical disabilities, such as mobility issues. It is also available to people of all ages, so younger players can fully engage in competition.

Because of this availability, eSports has become an engaging topic for the young and old alike, and many people are looking at these sports games as home entertainment.

Gaming as a Spectator Sport

With the internet, video game streaming has become as popular as sports streaming. People are able to bet on eSports, such as eSports tournaments, and other events. Gamers are becoming celebrities in much the same sense as athletes. They have fans, their own websites, and media channels, and often stream their gaming.

eSports has become a high-stakes venture, with people betting on these celebrity gamers and the biggest eSports tournaments they enter. While there certainly isn’t the same physical risk as there is to an athlete, the games and tournaments are no less suspenseful as gamers play out different scenarios and their fans watch intently through their favorite streaming channels. Each eSports tournament can be broadcast just as widely as professional sports.

Esports Betting – What You Need to Know

eSports betting has taken the world by storm, quickly surpassing sports such as tennis, basketball, and baseball in the amount of money being bet each year. But before placing your bet on video games, it’s best to know some of the rules and nuances involved in the industry.

The Players

A person needs to look at the team statistics, but not only that. They also need to be aware of the characteristics of every player on the team. If a team has a weak player, someone who's into eSports betting needs to be aware of that, and also of how that player compensates for his weaknesses.

Look for teams that have been together for some time. These teams have had time to build tactics for the games they play. Bettors need to understand the patterns of each player and how they react to different situations.

The Bets

Bettors must also understand the different types of basic bets that can be placed at eSports betting sites, from main outcome bets to total bets. Each type of eSports bet awards money for different things, from victory at a game to total points accrued.

If a bettor has knowledge of the game and the players, it is safe to start placing different bets on an eSports betting site. If they do not, it’s best to do some homework before getting involved in online betting sites and getting the first eSports bet on the road.

How Can I Trust an eSports Bookmaker?

How does a person avoid those eSports betting sites? There are a few key things that a bettor can look for before they decide to head into live betting on one gambling site or another.

Choosing the Best Bookmakers

The criteria for the best eSports betting sites will be different for each bettor, depending on the games or eSports tournament they are looking to place bets on and the types of bets they are looking to place. There are, however, a few guidelines that all bettors should follow when looking for their perfect eSports betting site:

  • Licensing. Check the footer of the eSports betting site to ensure they are licensed with either the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), UK Gambling Commission or Swedish Gambling Authority. This license will ensure that the site uses fair and safe practices.
  • Payment Method. Check the eSports betting site to be sure that the online gambling site supports both your deposit and withdrawal methods of choice. Credit cards, eWallets, prepaid cards, and cryptocurrency can be used on many of the eSports betting sites.
  • Payment Terms. These terms vary from betting site to site. A bettor should read and understand the payout terms and the payout limits for any eSports betting online site he chooses to use.
  • Promotions and Bonuses. If using a betting site that has promotions and bonuses, look for clear rules around these items. Understanding the payouts or claims around these free bets, deposit bonus offers, or a welcome bonus is crucial.

Safe and Secure Bookmakers

eSports betting sites have your personal information, as well as details of your credit card or other payment methods. This makes it important to make sure that your sports betting site is trustworthy and that their gambling sites are secure.

An electronic sports site may be fair and have good odds, but if their software is not secure against hacking and viruses, it is time to look elsewhere for a bookie. Here are some things to check for on their eSports betting sites:

  • Labels. Apart from the Malta Gaming Authority, organizations such as Certified Fair Gambling and eCOGRA take security seriously. Knowing that an eSports betting site has been checked and is trusted by these organizations is a good step to ensuring your security.
  • Security Certificates. Many gambling sites today are encrypted for extra security. Look at the bookmaker’s site for an SSL certificate that ensures this encryption. This makes it harder for third parties to get your information.
  • Credible Software. Check what software the bookmaker is using. If they have random number generators and software that goes above and beyond the basics, these sites tend to be more secure.

Check a Site’s Reputation

Just as with any site where items are purchased online, the reputation of the eSports betting site should be considered even before you deposit money. Checking a bookmaker’s reputation will let a bettor know about any issues that a bookie has had in the past. By checking in with other customers, bettors can save themselves time and money should a bookie have had past issues.

Online reviews can also help a bettor determine the reputation of a welcome bonus, free bet offer, their eSports competitions, social betting, challenge betting, or even online casino games.

By looking at how many reviews there are online, how far apart they were placed, and what the reviews themselves say, a bettor can learn a lot about how eSports betting at these sites. If the reviews are repetitive and all placed within a week of each other, beware.

Employees may have been asked to place the reviews. But if they are spaced over time and customers have a variety of things to say, both good and bad, then the reviews are most likely legit and can be fairly reliable.

How Do I Know That Matches Are Fair?

Everyone has heard the story about an event being rigged, where an athlete threw the game or a boxer threw the match. So how does a bettor know the same thing isn’t happening in for example a multiplayer online battle arena?

Integrity Commission

eSports is a regulated industry, with an eSports Integrity Commission (ESIC). This group is a non-profit association established in 2015. It was founded to prevent eSports betting fraud, match manipulation, and corruption. This commission upholds the integrity of the sport.

Their mission statement is “To be the recognized guardian of the integrity of eSports and to take responsibility for disruption, prevention, investigation and prosecution of all forms of cheating and malpractice, including, but not limited to, match manipulation and doping with the overarching objective of protecting youth, promoting industry investment and safeguarding sporting integrity in esports.”

And the commission does not take their responsibilities lightly. They have regulations all participants must follow, and any gamer or other parties caught not following these regulations may be fined and/or suspended from future play. The findings of any hearings held where the participant is found guilty are publicly announced in order to uphold integrity at future events.

eSports Hosts

Events are most often held by eSports event hosts, including DreamHack, Electronic Sports League (ELS), Game Belong, PGL, and Gfinity. These hosts rely on sponsors, media, and viewers, just as in traditional sports. Fair play keeps everyone coming back.

These hosts have well-established rules upfront, and they have the backing to enforce these rules. They also have a match dispute process in place for any disputes that may arise during the gaming competition. These companies often hold live tournaments where they can monitor the software and hardware that each participant is allowed to use.

Internationally, sets of rules around integrity have been put in place to keep players in line and to keep fair play for everyone. eSports hosts and the eSports Integrity Commission are not afraid to uphold these rules, and players have been banned for not following tournament rules.

As eSports continue to grow and evolve into mainstream media, hosts and the ESIC strive to create an ecosystem of fair play for gamers, bettors, and viewers around the world. They hold the gamers to the highest standards of integrity in order to preserve the sport for future generations.

What Kinds of Bets Can I Place on eSports?

Similar to betting on sports, eSports betting has different categories and ways to place bets. There are several different things to bet on overall, and in some cases, each game has its own unique items to bet on as well. Here are some of the most common betting markets and betting options that bettors see at the best eSports betting sites:

Basic Bets

  • Match Winner. Bettors place their bets on a particular team winning the match. In this case, each team will have a number next to them, which is their odds of winning, and bettors can use this information to place an intelligent bet on their choice for a winning team. This is the most popular type of bet placed in the esports arena.
  • Outrights/Futures. For these bets, a person places their bet on which team or individual will win an entire competition, as opposed to just the match. There may also be an option to bet on which teams or individuals will qualify for the competition.
  • Handicaps. With this type of eSports betting, people bet on wins and losses of a team, with a certain handicap applied. The handicap is only applied to the team that the person bets on and then the results are tallied to see if the bettor won or lost their bet.
  • Totals. Totals refer to the total number of points/kills that are achieved by both teams or individuals playing. A bettor will need to decide if they believe the total will be over or under the number that the bookmaker has listed on their site when the bettor places their bet.
  • Correct Score. This wager is very straightforward. The bettor must guess the exact score of the match in order to win their bet. These matches may be played best of three or best of five, as well as just individual games.
  • Victory in Tournament. Players bet on who will be the final winner of the tournament in this wager. Because of the large number of competitive players, correctly guessing the winner is fairly difficult and the stakes may be high.

As with all types of betting, each game and tournament may have its own specialties that a bookmaker can throw in for the bettors. This may include things such as the most valuable player, the first team to draw blood, live betting, or the first team to win a map. Each bookmaker may include different betting options and betting markets for different events.

What Can I Bet on in eSports?

eSports allow for live betting, betting strategies, and betting options on a variety of items. We mentioned real money betting above and how there are many different types of wagers that a bettor can place.

But there is more to eSports betting than just money. A bettor must choose their game or game type. They also have the betting options to bet on streamers and can place bets using various gaming items, including skins.

Fantasy eSports

Fantasy betting isn’t just for sports. eSports has fantasy teams for people to bet on as well. This simple concept allows you to select a virtual team from a pool of real-life players.

You then compete against other teams. Your team earns points based on the actual performance of the players you selected, and the points you earned are compared to another teams’ points to determine who wins.

Betting on Streamers

Betting on streamers is similar to all other wagering. Bettors place their bets on the performance of a specific streamer. Bets vary from stream to stream and game to game, keeping people guessing as to what they can bet on for each stream.

Some bets are as simple as guessing the winner of a match and others can be more complicated, involving eSports betting on specific scenarios that may or may not occur in each match.

Item & Skin eSports Bets

With skin betting or item betting, players can start betting on eSports with things other than money. Players can use skins or items and bet them on the results of an eSports match. Bettors place bets on third-party websites where they can buy, sell and trade skins.

When the bettor deposits their items on the website, the site gives it a dollar amount. If a bettor wins, they get the item they deposited and another prize, but if they lose, they lose their item. Skin betting is a form of gambling, but it is not regulated by the government.

Shooter Games - Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Shooter games work much the same way as other eSports games. Tournaments for Call of Duty, Halo, Starcraft II, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and other games take place every year with bettors across the globe taking part. Shooter games tend to have a huge pot in their tournaments, and if a bettor knows the tactics of the game, they can come away a big winner.

As with all eSports games, bets can be placed on the winner of a match, tournament, or different happenings in the game itself.

eSports Betting Tips

Following proper betting procedures and listening to a mentor who has done some past eSports betting will get most bettors in the winning categories. But when a bettor is looking to increase their knowledge and their betting odds, there are a few additional tips that can help.

  • Bet on eSports That Are Familiar. A bettor sticking to games they know best can help them increase their odds.
  • Find a Good Bookmaker. Look for a bookie that has odds, a welcome bonus, free bet offers, and other promotions that allow bettors to comfortably place their bets. This may be different for every bettor. Search eSports betting sites to be sure they have the appropriate licenses and that they provide the games to be bet on.
  • Stay Informed. Bettors should stay informed about their favorite games at all times so they understand the players, and the odds they are betting on. Gaming and technology change quickly, which means that staying abreast of updates and changes is a must if a bettor plans to place intelligent bets.
  • Study the Tournament. The best eSports betting sites often offer promotions that coincide with specific tournaments and other events. A bettor should learn everything they can about the tournament and the players before taking advantage of these promotions.
  • At the end of the day, remember that betting on eSports is gambling, and a bettor may lose or win their bet. Be smart and bet safely to enjoy the art of betting on eSports for years to come.

What Kind of Promotional Value Does an eSports Betting Site Offer?

Each bookmaker creates unique bonuses and promotional offers for their website as an attempt to draw in more bettors. When a bettor is looking at these promotions, there are two things to consider. The first is how much a bettor must pay to the site and the second is how much they get for that bonus.

There are several different ways that bookies can set these promotional offers up, including:

  • Max Amount. To protect the bookmaker, welcome or deposit bonus promotions have a limit to how much a bettor can claim. This amount can vary by bookmaker, and some of them offer bonuses reaching USD $600. A bettor must throw in a certain amount to get the full amount of the sports betting bonus.
  • Qualifying Odds. Bookmakers sometimes offer bonus codes or free bets, but bettors then must bet a certain amount of money at odds of a certain size. For example, a bettor can place a bet at 1.25 odds to claim a $10 bonus. The amount of these bonuses may change based on the odds.
  • Wagering Requirements. Many bookies put requirements in place that state the bettor must bet the bonus amount a certain number of times before withdrawing any cash from the promotion. This encourages bettors to bet more money, more often. Bettors must check with their site to see what the requirements are for any promotions they are accepting on the site they use.

When accepting eSports betting promotions and playing with the bookie's money, a bettor must also be aware that the bonuses often must be claimed by a certain date. Again, each bookmaker will be different and the timeframe can range from one day to 365 days. Checking the requirements on each site will help a bettor make the right decision.

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