Your eSports Betting Guide

The eSports gaming industry has been gaining considerable popularity over the last two to three years. One of the main reasons for the increasing popularity is the Covid-19 pandemic that hit the world. The pandemic resulted in the cancellation of numerous mainstream sporting events. Consequently, eSports became the go-to option as the events could continue online during that time. Many bettors also shifted to punting on eSports as the sports betting markets dwindled.

Many players and punters are still relatively new to esports betting. However, the learning curve can be a bit steep and can come at very high costs for bettors. Instead of players figuring everything out on the go while their money is at stake, they can use esports betting guides.

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Beginner's Guide

In recent years, the popularity of eSports has been growing at a rate never seen before. In fact, eSports tournaments are now competing favorably with mainstream sports events. Are you looking to bet on eSports? If you answer yes, then this guide is going to provide you with all the necessary information so that you can make your first bet on a professional League of Legends, StarCraft II, Dota 2 match, or any other eSport event you like. 

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Betting Explained

According to records, the first official video game competition took place back on 19th October 1972. The match was based on a video game called Spacewar and took place at Stanford University. It was named the Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics. The prize was a one-year subscription for Rolling Stone, which Bruce Baumgart, Tovar, and Robert E Maas won.

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Betting Odds

Suppose you’re planning to start betting on your favorite eSports games, understanding how odds work will be a prerequisite to successful bets. It would be futile to wager on games without considering which has higher chances of winning. But sometimes, it may be impossible to determine which team has a higher likelihood of winning. This is where odds come in.

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Betting Strategy

Esports betting is considered a new trend in the world of betting and has become a popular way to spend time online while trying to win some money. And while eSports betting, like any other form of gambling, does not guarantee any profits, a good strategy can help you make the most out of the experience. 

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Esports Game Genres

About a decade ago, no one would imagine that competitive sports would rise beyond traditional sports events. With esports gaming taking the gaming industry by storm, there is no doubt that these games can compete favorably with conventional sports. But what exactly is an esports game? What esports genres exist? Why is it important to know them for betting?

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Find the Best Sites

The esports market has experienced astronomical growth in the past few years (this is 2022), with the revenue generated from the industry hitting an all-time high with each passing year. Global viewership of esports has also increased enormously, with hundreds of millions now tuning in to watch eSport tournaments. In fact, it is expected that esports viewership will hit 0.5 billion by 2024, as reported by the Consumer Technology Association. 

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Find the Perfect Bonus

The growing popularity of eSports games has seen bookies employ different strategies to keep players motivated. The use of bonuses has undoubtedly been integral in eSports marketing. As the online gaming industry gets fiercely competitive, it remains clear that eSports players stand even better chances of getting the best bonuses.

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How to Bet

In this eSports betting guide, find out everything about betting on electronic sports. Also, stay tuned to find out which are the best video game genres and video game titles to bet on, as well as eSports bet tips. There's no doubt the eSports industry is witnessing exponential growth. With the coming of the pandemic, eSports betting blossomed, and today, it's the fastest-growing form of betting. According to a 2019 report by Las Vegas-based gambling industry entrepreneur Chris Grove, eSports' total money wagered around major eSports titles by 2020 stood at around $12.9 billion globally, while the number of eSports bettors globally was approximately 6.5 million. The coming of the pandemic, and consequently, the halting of live matches, must have exploded the figures.

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Skin Betting

Best esports betting guides

Best esports betting guides

There are also betting guides available for experienced or seasoned bettors who wish to improve their strategies. The guides are available for nearly all the esports offered on gambling sites.

Something to note is that not all esports betting guides are effective for everyone. Some can even have misleading information. It is thus essential for players to source their guides only from reputable sources. The players should also be selective regarding which guide to follow.

Research comes in handy when choosing the best esports guides. Different esports events usually offer a variety of bets on the same game or tournament. Deciding the right one can be a bit confusing, especially for newbies. Some bettors may even not be aware of some types of bets suitable for their betting strategies. Good research work can help a player choose bets that are most likely to have a positive outcome.

Esports guides can also help punters make better predictions. That is because it allows punters to know more about the teams or players. That includes their performance history and current form. Such information can help improve betting decisions.

Reading through guides is an important part of any player’s due diligence efforts. Esports betting guides not only provide general information but also help punters to forge effective betting strategies. Knowing more about esports teams or players and their performances make it easier to formulate new strategies, especially how and when to bet.

Reasons to use a guide when betting on esports

Betting on eSports can be quite challenging, let alone knowing the right bets to place. Guides come in particularly handy to newbies who do not have a clear idea of how to bet on esports.

Another top reason is to save time. Using a betting guide can minimize the time players need to spend researching. They only need to follow what is in the guide. However, they need to ensure that they use reliable betting guides from reliable sources.

Esports betting guides can also help can also come in handy for individuals who do not know anything about esports or betting in general. In other words, esports betting guides can help to cover for lack of knowledge.

Best esports betting guides
Types of guides

Types of guides

There are four main types of esports betting guides, each of which offers different benefits. Below is a short description of each of them.

  • How-to Guides: The how-to guides are generally designed to help betters through the general process of finding and placing a bet. They are usually in a step-by-step format. For example, a punter who does not know how to access the esport section on a betting site or place wagers on an esport game can refer to how-to guides.
  • Strategy Guides: As the name suggests, strategy guides are designed to help punters choose effective esports betting strategies. Many different betting strategies for esports make selecting the right ones challenging, making strategy guides essential.
  • Explanations: Explanations are guides designed to give information. They are meant to help punters get a better understanding of all there is regarding esports betting. The punters can then use the knowledge to make better-informed betting decisions.
  • Odds Guides: Esports odds guides are designed to help punters understand the odds offered for esports games. The guides can also help them understand how they can combine odds and the benefits and risks of combining odds. Odds guides can also help players choose the right odds.
Types of guides
Esports betting glossary

Esports betting glossary

  • Bet of 3: This is a popular format in esports in which a winning bet is decided in three rounds or maps. The player or team that wins two rounds or maps becomes the winner.
  • Bookie: Bookie is an informal term for a bookmaker. Sportsbook, or sports betting operator, can also be used.
  • Exclusive esports bookmaker: That refers to a bookie that offers esports betting only. The bookie does not offer bets on any conventional sports.
  • Bankroll: Bankroll refers to players' money in their betting accounts, which they can use for betting at their discretion.
  • Casual punter: A casual punter is a player who bets mainly for fun purposes and does not use any strategies when betting.
  • First blood bet: A type of bet unique to online esports betting in which punters get to bet on which team or player will score the first kill in a shooting or battle game.
  • If bets: These are special types of bets that stand only when various predetermined conditions are met.
  • In-play betting: That is when a player places a bet on a match after it has already started. The availability of such bets usually changes frequently during the game, and so do the odds.
  • Map winner bet: That is a bet placed on a team winning an individual map in a relevant esport match.
  • Next kill bet: An esport bet placed on a team to score the 'next kill' in a relevant esport game.
  • No actions: A market or selection voided, which results in all punters being reimbursed their wages.
  • Outright bet: That is a bet on the outcome of a competition or tournament as a whole.
  • Skins betting: An uncommon type of esports betting in which punters wager their esports in-game items.
  • Value bet: That is a bet with a more probable outcome than its odds suggest, usually as per the punter's understanding.
  • Odds format: That is how the odds are presented, such as in decimal, fraction, or money line formats.
Esports betting glossary