Most Popular eSports Bookies in United Kingdom

Esports enthusiasts are using wit and grit to gamble on the winners in high-stakes UK esports betting action. Wagering on esports in the United Kingdom (UK) is not only legal; it's highly popular among sports fans. In fact, some of the gaming industry's biggest brands are hopping on the bandwagon as esports betting in the UK expands in reach and popularity.

With a substantial market value, UK esports betting continues to enjoy attention from major companies and gamers alike. From League of Legends to Dota 2, esports games attract significant fan bases, phenomenal growth, and record prize pools at tournaments.

Most Popular eSports Bookies in United Kingdom
Betting sites in the UK

Betting sites in the UK

The frenzy over who will win in major international competitions sparks esports growth and fuels the desire to incorporate betting into the market. Here are a few UK esports betting sites, which are growing in UK popularity


With 10 percent of the betting market for spread betting, Spreadex offers UK esports betting enthusiasts a range of benefits in Live eSports Gaming wagers.

Virgin Bet

Payment flexibility sets this betting site apart from the pack. It offers a wide variety of payment options, including PayPal for those who prefer the popular digital wallet.


QuinnBet is a popular choice among Brits who choose to bet on esports, offering excellent live streaming for hundreds of eSports betting UK events.

By using licensed bookmakers online, Brits may wager legally. Esports websites dedicated to gambling focus on video gaming to secure a significant market share of the ever-expanding and evolving industry. In the UK, the UK esports betting industry continues to grow by 8.5 percent annually, creating more than 1200 jobs and contributing an estimated £12million in value to the economy.

Due to the positive impact, Brits are promoting esports betting sites UK at every level. From technological advances to regulatory stability, the growing esports industry in the UK has plenty of corporate and government support to help it reach its highest potential as the market evolves from its humble beginnings to robust fan engagement.

Betting sites in the UK
History of eSports betting in the United Kingdom

History of eSports betting in the United Kingdom

Esports has come a long way from Space Invaders tournaments in the 80s to ESPN's recent foray into the market. In only a few decades, the industry has grown into a multi-billion pound market. As far back as the 70s, competitive esports captured the imagination of players. From tennis to space wars, the earlier games attracted significant interest from tournament entrants. In 1981, the first world record gaming body, Twin Galaxies, was formed to track players' scores in popular video games.

By the 90s, console games were the rage among enthusiasts who were immersed in fighting and first-person shooter video entertainment. Evolving technology revolutionized gameplay, opening up remote group play via local area networks (LAN).

In 1997, organizers launched a professional cyberathletic league, and esports players enjoyed increasing popularity, with some making significant amounts of money from gameplay and promotions. Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel is one pioneer who reportedly pulled in more than half a million during his gaming career.

Early successes set the stage for UK esports betting popularity to skyrocket in the coming years. In 1999, Counter-Strike launched and went on to enjoy popularity across the globe. By 2000, Xbox gamers played against each other on Halo 2, the precursor to other popular first-person shooter video games, like Call of Duty.


With gamers playing remotely with friends and strangers online, the industry continues to grow. In fact, universities across the UK are integrating esports into the curriculum. Esports evolution into education has seen the launch of college-level courses, career training, and team competitions.

Recently, esports betting UK's massive growth has spilled over into traditional media, and prominent publications cover competitions and airing esports programming on major networks. The esports betting sites UK market has crossed over into mainstream life.

Throughout the last few years, the UK esports betting industry has grown massively and is continuing to flourish. With more coverage across major publications being aired on massive networks like ESPN, esports has made its impact and is crossing over into the mainstream. With an anticipated revenue of nearly $6 billion by 2027 from only $776 million a decade ago, the global growth indicates how influential the market is becoming for future generations.


As the UK esports betting industry continues to attract fans, the future is looking promising. In fact, 2021's Legends World Championships attracted nearly as many viewers as the Superbowl. By 2023, experts anticipate the market shall enjoy a 15 percent yearly growth rate. In the UK, esports betting sites UK will spark exponential growth in the creative and digital industries, accounting for 8 percent of the global esports betting UK market.

For betting establishments, the extreme growth brings substantial revenue from fans who are eager to add even more excitement to gameplay and viewership. Global brands are bringing legitimacy to the market. For instance, Levi, Marvel Entertainment, and Red Bull invest millions in sponsoring teams and tournaments.

With a nearly 460 million global and an anticipated increase to almost 650 million by 2023, popular esports gamers are attracting fan bases eager to wager money on frequent individual and team winners.

Bettors have an array of wagering options. From simple match betting to more complex wagers, gamblers may choose to combine many bets or wager on an accumulator coupon, a riskier proposition. More specific betting options allow players to wager on which team player registers the highest number of kills or wins the map in Counter Strike-Global Offensive. Observing live matches helps bettors to choose wagers for in-play betting.

As the betting market remains in step with esports' wide popularity, regulators are working to ensure safety for millions of Brits who wager on esports gaming.

History of eSports betting in the United Kingdom
United Kingdom players' favorite games

United Kingdom players' favorite games

Over the years, esports games have continued to evolve. Since 2010, multiplayer online battle games have been attracting millions of followers. By pitting two, five-player teams against one another, teammates employ strategy, skill, and game elements to beat the opposition. Each gamer controls a character that gets stronger, collaborates with team members, and tries to defeat the enemy.

From League of Legends to Dota 2, multiplayer battles are exploding in popularity. With more than 115 million registered player accounts League of Legends is a gaming leader. By 2019, Dota 2 also enjoyed substantial popularity with an international prize pool of more than $34 million, compared to League's $6 million prize pool.

Additional games enjoying UK popularity include CS:GO, Rocket League, Fortnite, Overwatch, and Valorant. Individually and collectively, these games are impacting the way players engage with one another and fuel an already popular market by attracting millions in sponsorship and prize money from major corporations.

As esports teams and organizers manage strong and growing internet-based communities, digital streaming via YouTube, Twitch and other platforms are becoming the go-to distribution methods for esports competitions. With nearly 5 billion regular internet users and a more than 50 billion online gambling market, esports competitions have yet to reach the UK's full reach, revenue, and impact potential.

United Kingdom players' favorite games
Payment methods in the United Kingdom

Payment methods in the United Kingdom

As more bettors participate in UK esports betting, reliable payment methods offer options for funding sportsbook accounts. Here are some options esports betting sites in the UK offer gamblers who place digital bets.

Credit Cards

MasterCard and Visa are highly respected brands, which both offer secure payment options. UK esports betting establishments allow patrons to make deposits with credit and debit cards because of the proven security and convenience for customers. Global security measures ensure that players are protected when depositing funds for UK esports betting.


Neteller is a popular ewallet that UK esports establishments widely accept to deposit funds and satisfy debts for betting obligations. Known for instantaneous transactions, the e-wallet offer indemnified, secure funding. With a simple registration process, bettors may use 22 various currencies when securely depositing money to wager.


Skrill is an ewallet, which is popular for its robust security features and ease of use. Bettors are also attracted to the platform's reasonable fees, providing low-cost and free services to users. Following strict regulations from the Financial Conduct Authority, the Skrill ewallet helps esports enthusiasts to wager money online safely.


An internationally recognized brand, PayPal offers Brits the same convenience and functions that have made the ewallet globally popular. While some players may prefer credit cards, PayPal offers bettors a secure way to use the credit card without providing it to an online esports betting site in the UK. Bettors register for PayPal by providing the platform with information to verify identity.

Payment methods in the United Kingdom


Esports enthusiasts and bettors are looking for the answers on where and how to wager. Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions. Choosing a bookmaker and depositing funds is the first step for bettors who choose to participate in esports betting, one of the world's fastest-growing markets.

What is eSports betting?

Since esports is a multi-billion dollar market, its popularity continues to grow daily. Gamblers are joining the ranks of esports enthusiasts. Professional players pit skills against one another to win millions in prize money available annually.

At the same time, bettors are placing wagers on which player or team has the best mental acuity and game expertise to prevail. Using a digital wallet, bettors place monetary bets on esports teams and individual players. If the gambler is accurate, they may receive a payout, according to the odds available at the time of the wager.

How to choose a bookmaker?

Researching licensed betting establishments is the best way to choose an online bookmaker. Most sportsbooks will offer attractive incentives to register new bettors. In the UK, bookmakers must show proof of licensing. Carefully read the website's terms, odds, and promotions. Compare different websites while carefully reading online reviews.

Restrictions apply to particular promotions. It's a commonplace for bettors who don't read the fine print to misunderstand the conditions related to bonuses and incentives. Licensed facilities are more likely to follow established laws, rules, and guidelines. Ensure a bookmaker is licensed before depositing funds.

Is it safe to deposit money with an eSports bookmaker?

Unlicensed bookmakers are not safe. Check to ensure that the website is licensed by UK's Gambling Commission. The Commission follows strict regulations in approving gambling establishments. A licensed platform will boldly display proof of license on the home page. If unsure, a bettor may contact the Commission to confirm whether the UK esports betting business is legally operating.

Is gambling on eSports addictive?

Like all gambling activities, experts recommend that participants, who wager money on esports matches, teams, players, and outcomes, choose to self-monitor betting behaviors. Recognize warning signs of excessive gambling, including an inability to stop gambling or betting more than the player can afford to spend. Licensed UK esports betting sites may offer information to visitors about organizations, which help problem gamblers.