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The Arena World Championships, popularly AWC, is a global eSports event hosted by Blizzard Entertainment that made its debut just about 15 years ago. This tournament accords players a platform to compete and prove that they are the best. The competition starts with Arena players from Europe and the Americas competing, hoping to prove themselves in battle and earn a spot in their region's AWC circuit.

Teams begin by participating in the Arena Cups, a series of 3v3 tournaments open to players. Only the best players (gladiators) qualify for the AWC.

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What is Arena World Championship

2022's event has seen an overwhelming number of players registered for the competition. In light of this, the tournament will employ a double elimination and a best of five, a move aimed at giving each player an equal opportunity to climb to the top. The tentative dates for the competition are as follows:

  • Cup 1: March 18-19
  • Cup 2: March 25-26
  • Cup 3: April 1-3
  • Cup 4: April 8-10

Prize pool

Besides the honor and title attached to this championship, players also stand a chance to win big prizes throughout the event. With the 2022 open cups already underway, the four available cups will see each region receive up to $10,000 in weekly prizes. The top eight teams from each region advance to the circuit and the Global finals, where they will compete for a $700,000 prize pool (2022's competition).

About Warcraft

World of Warcraft, simply Warcraft, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that sees thousands of players compete against each other in battle, undertaking heroic quests and grand adventures. The game is set up in a land of fantasy, where the players battle different creatures. Warcraft also features other realms, where players are accorded the opportunity to choose when to engage in player-versus-player combat.

A brief history of World of Warcraft (WoW)

During its launch, Blizzard Entertainment did not intend to add any PvP (player-versus-player) elements. However, the developer quickly added a PvP Honor system featuring battlegrounds and an Arena. The battlefields allowed player teams to fight each other, while the Arena added a competitive twist to the game.

Over the years, the Arena was fortified with new maps, leaderboards, and separate seasons. The standout development in Warcraft's history came about in 2017 following the introduction of the Mythic Dungeon Invitation Tournament, which was later renamed Mythic Dungeon Invitational. This new move saw players competing against the environment, thus underscoring the importance of having teams working together.

How WoW works

As mentioned before, WoW eSports is a 3v3 combat game. Each team strives to kill all members of the opposing side first. The game is characterized by a series of offensive and defensive cooldowns. Strategy and teamwork are integral to any team's success, as members strive to strike at an opportune time to land a kill.

It's worth noting that the PvP side of the game is eSports' primary focus. However, WoW players can also play other competitive modes, including raids, race against time to defeat the AI-controlled bosses, and the Mythic Dungeon Invitational.

The adventures and challenges during the game stimulate player-to-player interactions. WoW makes this engagement possible by adding chat and audio functions for easy communication between the players. The social aspect of the competition means that players are not just like any other characters on the screen but remain humans all through.

Warcraft has had a remarkable journey in the eSports scene. While the AWC is noted as the pinnacle of the game, there are several other pleasing events. Whether it is the classic player-versus-player aspect or the player-versus-environment, there is a lot in store for eSports enthusiasts.

AWC's winning teams and biggest moments

WoW's story goes well beyond how most people understand the video game. On the other hand, the AWC is fueled by literally anyone. As long as a team has what it takes to dominate the qualifying stages, it will make it into the AWC.

Warcraft has had its fair share of significant moments in the past. With big name organizations, massive prize pools, and great viewership, WoW will make tremendous strides in 2022 and beyond. The event has already been validated, and there is no denying that AWC is here to stay.

Method Black

Method Black was 2019's Arena World Champions. The 2019 win saw the team secure a second year of Method's dominance in the PvP category. 2019s win saw them take on Wildcard Gaming for a second time after beating them in the upper finals. This win followed Method Black's all-year dominance in the EU season.

Method Black goes down in history as the first champions of the 2020 Warcraft AWC season. The EU squad won the EU Cup 1 Grand Finals. This historic win came after a hard-fought contest that lasted seven games before Method Black scraped a win. This team is run by the Method Organization, which runs North America's Method Orange, which is highly ranked in the Americas.

Cloud 9

Cloud9 is undoubtedly a leading force in AWC. Following its relatively brief stay in the World of Warcraft Arena in 2015, Cloud9 was back into the tournament in 2019 and quickly made its intentions known. This North American team has won back-to-back AWC titles, positioning itself among North America's top-tier teams.

Cloud9 is owned by Cloud9 Esports, Inc., an organization that has been actively participating in numerous eSport leagues over the years, making it a household name among punters betting on eSport tournaments.

Method Orange

Method Orange made history by winning the AWC in 2018. This win came after a long season and a number-1 finish in the Americas region. The 2018 season saw Method Orange eliminate their European counterparts. The finals were somewhat anticlimactic after Method Orange only needed four wins from the seven-game final. This win also underscored how strong the 2018 team was.


2017's Arena World eSport Championships took place at Anaheim Convention Center in South Califonia. A European team, ABC, won after beating the NA team Panda Global. This was undoubtedly one of those easy finals for ABC beating Panda Global 4-0.

Where and how to bet on the Arena World Championship?

Choosing an AWC betting site

Now that it is clear that the AWC stands as one of the most popular tournaments in the world of eSports gaming, bettors wagering in World of Warcraft have to sift through a long list of online eSport betting sites. As far as choosing an eSports betting site, the following pointers come in handy when selecting the best AWC betting site.

  • The bookmaker's reputation
  • Quality of odds offered
  • Availability of WoW betting markets
  • Promotions and incentives
  • Live stream feature

How to bet on AWC

WoW has an array of betting markets. The unique nature of the sport gives players a chance to have lots of fun with their bets. For starters, knowledge of World of Warcraft is critical for players to enjoy their betting experience. Also, knowledge of the type of bets placed is a great way to fortify the gaming experience.

Knowledge of bet types and the game's dynamics play a vital role in AWC betting. Besides having a decent grasp of the game, joining a WoW community comes in handy in improving a player's understanding of the game and the happening in the eSports ecosystem.

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