Your Best Fortnite Betting Guide 2024

Fortnite is among the most popular online video games right now. With around 350 million registered players and more than 10 million logging daily, the game created by Epic Games is a true hit in the industry. This popularity has extended to the betting industry too. Many eSports betting sites have it among their titles. However, there are still questions about whether Fortnite should be included in the list of eSports games.

This article will explore the game in detail. The article aims to offer more mechanics for people who intend to bet on Fortnite. There is also a lot that players of the popular esport can benefit from. Fortnite was first released by Epic Games in 2017. This was after a series of delays mainly caused by the need to innovate on earlier games by Epic. The game was released as an early-access paid title. The plan was to make it free to play in 2019. Fortnite is available in three versions: Save the World, Battle Royale, and Creative.

Your Best Fortnite Betting Guide 2024
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Fortnite Versions

Fortnite Versions

Fortnite: Save the World

It was the first title released. It is a hybrid-tower defense shooter survival game that accommodates up to four players. The mission is to fight against creatures that appear like zombies to defend the players' territory and objects. The players can build fortifications and use traps to beat these creatures.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

It was also released in 2017. Around the time of releasing Save the World, Player Unknown Battlegrounds also became widely popular across gaming circles. Epic moved quickly to build a Battle Royale mode on their earlier game.

In this mode, up to 100 gamers fight until only one winner is left. When it was released as a free game in September 2017, more than 10 million players embraced Battle Royale within two weeks. It remains Fortnite's most successful model. This mode is also played as Fortnite competitive by millions of gamers.

Fortnite: Creative

Was released in December 2018. This mode gave players even more freedom. They can create their own battle arenas and worlds. In their private islands, players can have friends over and have competitions like racing. It began as a purchased game before moving to a free-to-play model.

Save the World is supported on macOS, Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Battle Royale and Save the World are supported on all these plus Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

Fortnite Versions
Betting on Fortnite

Betting on Fortnite

As a top esport, Fortnite is available on many esport betting sites' catalogues. The first step, thus, is to find a betting site that suits you. Suitability is determined by the availability in your country, the betting markets and competitions, odds, and transaction costs among other factors. Some players also consider the availability of an online esports betting app as a suitability factor.

Your bets will be determined by the mode you are betting on. The most popular betting mode is the Battle Royale. It is popular because of the higher unpredictability and the many people taking part in it. Because of the numbers, it is offered in many betting houses and often has better Fortnite odds. You should go for it too!

Picking players

Next, pick your players wisely. The simplest bet is the 1X2, where you pick the outright winner.

Picking players is guided by understanding the odds spread. Odds spread show which player has better skills. If players A and B have a spread of -1.5 (+130) and +1.5 (-158) respectively, it means that player one is more skilled.

Now, betting on player one (in a best of three) means that they must win at least two games for your bet to win. Betting on player two means that they should either win or lose by below 1.5 maps. Player two's spread technically gives the player the freedom to lose two matches and your bet still wins.

Other popular bets include the Map Duration Bet, Total Towers Destroyed, First/Second Map Winner, Total Rounds, and Round Handicaps. You should progress to the more complex bets as you understand the games and players more.

Betting on Fortnite
Regular competitions

Regular competitions

There are regular competitions organized by Fortnite enthusiasts around the world. These tournaments are held online in most cases. This makes it possible for players to play from roughly anywhere in the world. Some of these competitions also have good prize money.

With esports becoming mainstream all around the world, these competitions make a good ground for Fortnite to flourish. The game has thrived despite arguments from some quarters that it is not an esport. Some feel that it’s many pauses e.g. when hiding, take away the ‘sport’ aspect. However, it has time and again weathered these criticisms. This is an indicator of what a thrilling game it is.

Betting inclusion

Like with many other sports, bettors are taking interest in Fortnite. Above finding the best esport betting site, they want to know how the games they are betting on are progressing. Serious bettors take time to research how different teams and players play before placing money on them. This alone has earned Fortnite many followers.

Updates and fixes

A good game needs to be dynamic. Fortnite has proven this by its production of three modes of the game. Battle Royale was an especially timely and wise reaction to competition. Even today, you can play up-to-date versions of Save the World. Epic has done a good job of making regular updates and quick bug fixes for each game model.

Free Play and Early Access

The Early Access rollout is a good trick for bringing people in a game, but it takes more than that to retain them. Epic has used both cards excellently. Many people joined Save the World to take advantage of the Early Access option. Some remained even when it went premium. Epic then offered its latest mode as a free-to-play game. This is an incentive for people who have not joined the game and a reward for those who have stayed loyal to the previous modes.

Regular competitions
Is there a Fortnite tournament?

Is there a Fortnite tournament?

Yes, there is a Fortnite World Cup, and a lot of exciting stuff around it.

What is the Fortnite World Cup?

This is an annual event that Epic introduced following the release of the third version of Fortnite. The inaugural tournament took place between July 26 and July 28, 2019. It was hosted at the 23, 771 Arthur Ashe Stadium, New York, which is the largest tennis stadium in the world. The World Cup brought together solo players and teams in different categories, namely:

  • Solos (28th July): $3 million cash Prize for the winner, $50,000 for every participant. Won by Kyle Giersdorf, a 16-year old American using the online nickname Bugha.
  • Duos’ (27th July): $3 million for the winner, $100,000 participation for every duo. Emil Bergquist Pedersen aka Nyhrox and David ‘Aqua’ Wang shared the top prize.
  • Creative Cup: $3 million prize pool for winners. Won by Faze Cizzorz led “Fish Fam”
  • Pro-Am (26th July): $1 million for winners, to go to a charity of their choice. $3 million pool for the rest, also to go to charities of choice. Won by Airwaks (Streamer) and RL Grime (Music Producer).
Is there a Fortnite tournament?


There was a qualification process that picked around 200 players/teams to take part in the world cup. To qualify, players and teams played against others in their online region. Each week, solo players and duo teams of a certain area played up to ten matches with opponents in their category. The events were held online, and around 3000 team/players with the highest points were picked.

The 3000 then participated in a Sunday event where the top 20 teams/players qualified for the World Cup. More than 40 million entrants took part in the qualification process globally.
The Fortnite Creative Cup had a similar qualification process. However, this was done in five two-week periods between April and June 2019.

Players participated in a creative challenge each active week. The completed challenge was then submitted to Epic who in turn used a panel of judges to select three of the best for the World Cup. Each qualification earned $5,000.

Pro-Am teams were selected by epic. Each team had a streamer (pro) and a celebrity (am).

World Cup Proper

At the world cup, the duo and solo categories played six matches each. The rest of the categories played five matches/events each.

The second edition of the Fortnite World Cup was to follow in April 2020. However, it was cancelled as the world went into tight lockdowns following the coronavirus outbreak. The 2021 edition also failed to happen for the same reason. However, Epic continues to hold different Fortnite competitions online.

Fortnite World Cup betting

Fortnite World Cup betting

You can bet both on the world cup and the qualifying events. This is largely dependent on your bookmaker. Some bookmakers cover all events while others offer odds only on select Fortnite esports games. Although betting in the actual world cup is the most common practice, betting on the qualifiers gives you a great advantage. It offers you the chance to familiarize yourself with the teams and players in different categories. That way, you come with knowledge of how to bet at the apex stage of the games.

When betting on the qualifiers, it is important to bet small. The huge number of players trying to get a slot means that even largely amateur players front themselves. Use this level purely for familiarization with the participants.
Luckily, there tends to be consistency among the best players. Airwaks and Grime, for instance, have won more than one Fortnite competition together.

Fortnite World Cup betting
Betting on Fortnite at providers

Betting on Fortnite at providers

As mentioned earlier, there are several factors that should guide you when choosing a betting provider to bet with. Betting on e-sports is still relatively new. Therefore, it has not yet reached some sportsbooks. But the number is already big enough to make you spoilt for choice.

On top of the factors mentioned above, you should also look at how the sportsbook presents their odds. Always play with odds that you understand. More on types of odds is discussed slightly below.

You should also research before betting. Some tips on the best teams to bet on in Fortnite are discussed in the next section.

Still, betting on esports should not be difficult. It is pretty much like every other form of sports betting. Some bookmakers are now including in-play betting in their markets. Soon, there will probably be virtual games like has happened with conventional sports. Keep reading here for updates and looking at betting sites that add new Fortnite markets. Also, remember to take advantage of the many offers being dished out by betting sites that are looking to popularize esports betting.

Some of the leading casinos you should check out often include 888Betting, BetWinner, BetMaster, 22Bet, MegaPari, and 1Xslots.

Betting on Fortnite at providers
Notable Fortnite teams

Notable Fortnite teams

In its close to four years of existence, many players have sought to go pro on Fortnite both as solos and teams. Most of them are consistent when they get to the top and are often safe bets when they play.

Knowing these players improves your chances of making sensible bets during major competitions. However, you should always remember that it is pros coming up against pros and betting remains a game of absolute chance. Here are some of the best in the game:


The first mention goes to the winner of the inaugural Fortnite World Cup- Solo category. Now 18, the American youngster took the entire $3 million prize purse home and is still the defending champion. He had 59 points in the tournament where second place came in at 33.

He has taken part in several competitions during his time with No Clout team and as part of his current, Sentinel e-sports. He is so good that Epic, the Fortnite developers, gave him an in-game skin that looks like him in July 2021. As you would guess, he plays Battle Royale!


Bugha is not Sentinels only big name. The team has players who have three major titles since the team was created in 2018. They have won the World Cup and the Pro-Am in the short while they have been playing. They are led by Dylan Sprouse 'Daequan' and have players like Tyler Blevins 'Ninja,' Dennis Lepre 'Cloak,' and Jacob 'Knapman.'

Team Secret

Team Secret is a European Fortnite giant that has headquarters in Berlin, Germany. It is, interestingly, older than Fortnite itself having been formed in 2015. It is headed by Maksym Koshkyn 'Maxaxi' and Victor Trifonov 'Vitrus Pro.' They have made steady progress in Fortnite competitions, rising from 21st to sixth in the las Polaris LAN Pro Series. This is a promising team that every bettor should keep an eye on.

Faze Clan

This is one of the most watched Fortnite Teams with 800 million plus views on their YouTube videos. The team founded by pro gamers Cloak, Team Captain and FaZe has interesting talent. The likes of Ninja, Dakotaz, and CouRage are part of this stable.

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine is popular and successful US Fortnite team. They have been great on Twitch and are among the earliest competitors in Fortnite tournaments. The team made up of Camachokiee, Brandon Alvarad 'Patito,' Tyler Blevins 'Ninja,' Timothy Miller 'Bizzle,' and TSM_Myth has won 87% of the Fortnite competitions that they have participated in.

Notable Fortnite teams
Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

Having looked at why Fortnite is so popular, this section should just be a summary of what has been discussed - plus very few additions. And a mention of the drawbacks (which are surprisingly few).


  • Variety - The games gives players three modes to choose from
  • Regular Updates - Players' concerns are listen to and acted upon in a timely manner, along with lovely additions
  • Multiple competitions - There are competitions where players can earn real money. Epic has continued to hold some of these online even during the lockdown period.
  • Compatibility - Fortnite games are accessible on multiple devices and operating systems. They have kept up with releases as recent as PlayStation 5.
  • Free-to-play - The Creative mode of the game is free to play and offers players a lot of creative freedom


  • The initial mode of Fortnite is not compatible with some operating systems like Android and iOS
  • Fortnite: Battle Royale has eclipsed other modes. As a result, Epic appears to be giving it more focus than the other modes, thus disadvantaging those who prefer these modes
  • Some modes require players to spend money to play
Pros and Cons
Understanding Fortnite betting odds

Understanding Fortnite betting odds

Betting odds are presented differently in different countries. It is advisable to bet using odds that are used in your country or those that you understand well. Odds appear in three main ways

American Odds

Also known as moneyline odds, these odds appear as ordinary numbers with + and - signs before them. Minus signs are given to players/teams that are considered more likely to win. For instance, a team with a -100 odd is a favorite while a +100 is an underdog.

Fractional Odds

Also known as British or Traditional Odds. The first part of the fraction is how much you win against the money you place, which is the second part. 10/1 orders mean that you will win $10 if you stake $1.

Decimal Odds

Popular in Europe, these odds are also referred to as digital, European, or continental odds. They are easy to understand since you simply multiply the odd by your stake to get the final amount you receive if your bet wins. If you stake $5 on a 2.00 odd, you will receive $10 if you win, inclusive of your stake.

You also need to understand odds like stacked and accumulator bets. These are new to esports and Fortnite betting but will soon be popular in many betting houses.

Understanding Fortnite betting odds
Fortnite betting tips & tricks

Fortnite betting tips & tricks

Betting on Fortnite esport is not very different from betting on other esports. It is therefore, dishonest to say that there is a solid betting strategy that can assure you of winning. It is a matter of chance. Luckily, unlike other sports, Fortnite usually has competitions of up to six matches, so you get more chances.

Tip 1: Always observe trends

In a six-game competition, you may want to avoid the first one or two games. Dominant players soon establish a trend and continue winning into latter rounds. It is easier to make correct guesses in these rounds.

Tip 2: Choose specific markets

Do not have bets all over the place; have one or a few markets and specialize in them. You can, for instance, specialize in outright winner bets and duration of round bets. This makes you consistent in your research where you see trends more accurately.

Tip 3: follow competitions

It is often said that actual fans do not place the smartest bets. However, winning requires some bit of work. Have the competition calendar and actually observe the teams when they play.

Finally, you need to follow the regular betting advice that applies to all sports. Do not bet emotionally. Have a fixed budget. Play for fun rather than to earn.

Make Fortnite betting something to enjoy and something that will make you love the game (more).

Fortnite betting tips & tricks
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