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Anyone with a minute interest in e-sports knows of PUBG: Battlegrounds. The game developed by PUBG Corporation is a battle royale genre where competitors fight to the death. There are up to 100 players in a game down seeking to slay each other. Numerous features make the game challenging and thrilling. The game is an improvement of previous mods created by Brendan Greene, nicknamed 'PlayerUnknown.' and inspired by the movie Battle Royale.

This makes it life-like, and able building on existing ideas makes it very refined. PUBG's first release was specifically for Microsoft Windows. This was in March 2017, done via an early access model powered by Twitch.

How to play PUBG?

How to play PUBG?

The first full release happened in December 2017, with releases for Xbox Game Preview and Xbox One later in the same month. The full release occurred in 2018. In the same year, a free-to-play PUBG version was released for iOS and Android mobile devices alongside a PlayStation 4 port. In 2020, a more potent version was released to accommodate stadia streaming.

Following its full release, over 50 million copies of PUBG were sold by June 2018. Today, there are over 400 million players registered on PUBG. It often hits peaks of over 3 million concurrent players. The mobile version recorded more than a billion downloads by March 2021, raking in more than $6.2 billion.

The gameplay

At the start of play, players are dropped on an island with a map. Here, they immediately set out to search for weapons to defend themselves and attack rivals. They must remain within the map at all points. As the game progresses, the size of the safe area continues shrinking.

A player must strive to be in a safe place at all times to reduce the chances of fatal attacks. Quick thinking and responses are essential skills to win. Reviewers have praised the games capability to accommodate players of slow skill level while at the same time remaining a challenge for those with advanced skills.

The battle royale genre owes a lot of its popularity to PUBG. It popularized the genre so much that immediately after its initial release, Epic moved to create a Battle Royale model of their game, Fortnite. Its effect also led to the creation of clones in China in an unofficial capacity. The game's success has been recognized with several nominations in the Game of the Year category.

The game has won awards like the Mobile Game of the Year (PUBG Mobile) at the 36th Joystick Awards, Esports Game of the Year at the 2018 2018 SXSW Gaming Awards, Best MultiPlayer Game at The Game Awards 2017, among many others. Some countries like Gujarat (India), Iraq, Nepal, Jordan, and the Aceh province of Indonesia felt that people were playing it too much.

How to play PUBG?
Betting on PUBG: Battlegrounds

Betting on PUBG: Battlegrounds

The popularity of PUBG is already making it a mouth-watering betting fixture. Online betting sites and punters love it alike. It is an easy game to bet on, especially if you are a regular sports bettor. Even if you are a newbie, getting the hang of PUBG: Battleground betting is easy. You just need to get the following right:

Learn the game

This is said in all games, but it is funny how many people ignore it. Betting on PUBG requires you to know more than just the objective of the game. You need to understand in-play activities and how they affect the outcome. Which are the most lethal weapons? In which rounds are most players killed? What duration does a map take?

Knowing these things will help you to make more than just straight PUBG bets. You can learn the game by playing or taking time to watch others. Watching competitions also enables you to identify the best players, which is crucial information when placing bets.

Pick the right esport betting site

Betting sites offer pretty much the same odds. However, they are other factors that determine whether the site is good for you. Is it licensed in your country? What currencies do they accept? Are there transaction charges? While it is possible to play on an online esport bookmakers that is not licensed in your country, you vacate the player protection privilege when you do that.

Betting on PUBG: Battlegrounds
Online availability

Online availability

This is an essential requirement for every video game today. It should be easy to play both over a LAN network and across the world wide web. PUBG has no lag over stable connections. Players separated by great geographical distances can play against each other without worrying about the apartness of their servers. This availability makes PUBG a social game that can bring together players worldwide without the frustration caused by some games.


The betting craze has served to boost the popularity of esports games. As one of the top games, PUBG is loved by numerous esports betting sites. As many people find it on betting sites, the number of people joining the fray as players and followers increases.

Mobile compatibility

PUBG appears to know very clearly the significance of the mobile phone today. They showed this by releasing a highly responsive mobile version of the game. They made it free-to-play. This version now had more than a billion downloads by March 2021. And these numbers are not stopping. The mobile version allows people to play on the go or in any position while in the house.

Stadia Model

PUBG was already doing well with PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 4 compatible versions. Then they went one better and released another version for stadia streaming in 2020. This gave the game a new dimension. Although coronavirus-related lockdowns primarily inconvenienced the world at the time, the excitement among PUBG fans was still major.

The idea of in-person tournaments when the lockdowns are lifted gave them something to look forward to and something to be excited about during a grim period. Many went into practice to sharpen their skills in readiness for competition if and when it was again possible.

Online availability
Is there a PUBG: Battlegrounds tournament?

Is there a PUBG: Battlegrounds tournament?

PUBG: Battlegrounds has a global competition known as the PUBG Global Championship. This is equivalent to a world cup. It is held annually and brings together 32 teams from around the world. It is also a popular event for eSport betting online as it pits the best players against each other. The championship usually marks the end of the PUBG competition year.


A different host is chosen every year. The host takes charge of all organizational activities, from the arrival of players to accommodation and actual gameplay. Korea hosts the 2021 PUBG Global Championship. It will be held at Paradise City, Incheon. This is one of the best hotels in Korea. 27 teams reside in the hotel for the month-long event. The venue also has in place an online modification that will accommodate five teams from China that were unable to link up with the rest due to travel visa hitches.

The host masters of ceremonies will be Steven Pierce (Toffees, US), James Carrol (Kaelaris, UK, and John Robert Sargent (JoRoSaR, UK). There will also be seven commentators and seven analysts drawn from across the world. There are also hosts and commentators from ten other languages and regions - Korean, Russian, Chinese, Asia, Vietnamese, Thai, Turkish, European, Latin America, and hosts Korea.

Is there a PUBG: Battlegrounds tournament?


32 teams attend the Global Championship. Although the tournament is invitational, the privilege is extended to teams that have excelled throughout the year. If you become the best team in the competition in your region, you gain an automatic invitation.

Countries in Asia/Pacific (APAC), Europe, and The Americas qualify by winning a Continental Series in their respective areas. The Winners of the PUBG summer Champions League also get a slot. Teams are seeded depending on their qualification part.

Rank Decision (Points Rule)

At the Global Championship, competition begins with a Rank Decision round. The purpose of this is to give the teams competing positions (1-32). Teams are grouped into four groups of eight. The teams on a group play each other in a round-robin format. Six matches are played daily in the first week of the competition.

The top 16 teams from this round qualify to start in the First Weekly Survival. Teams in positions 17-31 drop to a waitlist for the first weekly survival. The 32nd team misses out on weekly survival and goes to the Bottom-16 stage.

Weekly Survival (WWCD Rule)

On weekdays, 16 matches are played by the top 16. The purpose is to get '16 Chicken-Dinner Winners.' When it wins a game, a team qualifies for the Weekly finals and exits the Weekly Survival. The next team takes their place on the waitlist. This goes on until there are 16 teams in the Weekly Finals.

Bottom 16 (Points Rule)

Teams that fail to get into the Weekly Finals plus team #32 play in this stage to find participants for another Weekly Survival. Once numbers 17-31 are found, the round ends, and the bottom team drops to another Bottom 16.

Weekly Finals (Points Rule)

There are ten matches played at this stage. The aim is to find teams 1-16 for the upcoming Weekly Survival. The nine teams with the most points in Weekly Finals qualify for the Grand Finals. If the same team wins consecutive Weekly Finals, the total number of qualification spots by total points increases.

Grand Survival (WWCD Rule)

Teams in positions 13-31 on the points log take part in this round. Every match winner gets into the Grand Finals. The 32nd team in total points exits the competition. Four matches are played in this round.

Grand Finals (Points Rule)

15 matches are played in this last round. The team with the most points is the tournament champion.



The matches are broadcast live on the official PUBG YouTube and Twitch Channels.


There is a $2,000,000 prize pool for the competition. Every weekly winner receives $30,000. The overall winner gets $600 000. Second place gets $290,000, third place gets $150, 000 and fourth place gets $120,000. The other teams get awards in a decreasing ratio. Awards may vary from one championship to the next.

Betting on PUBG at providers

Betting on PUBG at providers

In the segment on PUBG betting sites, it is mentioned that you should pick the right provider before betting. But who are the actual great providers already offering PUBG: Battlegrounds betting. That question is best answered by trying esports bookies out, reading reviews, and hearing what players have to say.

  • 1xBet has continuously made a name for itself as a leading provider. Initially offering just casino games, the 1X brand has ventured into sports and, now, esports. It is a great casino with nice welcome offers, nice odds, and general ease of use.
  • 22Bet is another great provider to try out. Like 1X, it has great welcome offers and continuous promotions. Transactions are fast and free using most payment methods. It has many markets to choose from too. It has been nominated as one of the most progressive providers in recent years.
  • 888Casino has been in the market for a while and has always been a leader. It has an easily navigable website, is highly responsive, and has multiple-layer security. It also has many betting markets and is available in many parts of the world.

As esports betting continues, providers will continue to improve, and more will come up. Improvements like esport betting apps make the betting experience even better. Keep coming back here for information about new occurrences in the video game betting world.

Betting on PUBG at providers
Notable PUBG: Battlegrounds teams

Notable PUBG: Battlegrounds teams

There have been many notable PUBG teams both now and in the past. Some have disbanded, and others are still alive. Not surprising, given the game's popularity. For the benefit of PUBG betting, this list focuses on teams that are still active.


The team made of Tulika, Kle1n, TTCUX, and Marmelad are an e-sport organised based in CIS. They came to the limelight during the 2020 Spring Split Europe finals. They have also finished third at the PMPL-EMEA Championship and were runners-up in the PUBG Mobile Pro League- Season 1/2021: CIS Finals.

Mad Clan

Mad Clan is an A- Tier PUBG pro team from Korea. It was formerly known as FarmPC E-sports. They play in the PC category. The team's members are Lee Sung-Do 'DAEVA,' No Tae-Young 'EEND,' Kim Dong-Jun 'Lash,' and Yu Jae-Won '2Tap.' Ha "Muker" Young-jin coaches them. The team is one of the 2021 PUBG Global Championships participants that PUBG esports betting enthusiasts should look out for.

Team Weibo

The current holders of the 2021 Peacekeeper Elite League are a joy for every esports punter. The team has rebranded from ELG Gaming to its current name after acquisition by Chinese microblogger Weibo. They beat Nova E-sports to win the 2019 PMCO Berlin. They are also current holders of the Peacemaker Elite League. Current players are Z9, General, Ming, Beizhai, and Broncho.

Attack All Around

This is a Thai team made up of Thanachit 'Jayers' Sonsuwon, Thanachot 'Gems' Sonsuwon, Nattapol 'J4nku2of' Laorngoen, Waritnan 'Glooms' Bangkerdrit, Chanwut 'Boblee' Tangon, and Sakun 'SviTT ' Sitticharoensukchai. They are coached by Nitipon "nitipon" Klinkajorn. The team is also a major fixture at the PUBG Championships.

Notable PUBG: Battlegrounds teams
Pros and cons

Pros and cons

As one of the most popular esports games, PUBG: Battle Ground has a ton of pros. But it has a few drawbacks too. Here's what is good and not so lovable about this game:


  • Mobile adaptability - Free downloads and a great mobile experience have attracted more than a billion downloads.
  • Availability at many esports bookiess. Some are even introducing eSport betting apps.
  • Awesome features like graphics, anti-cheat, and voice chat.
  • Efficiently playable online
  • Players can win money at PUBG competitions
  • Stadia streaming mode for physical competitions
  • PUBG accommodates players of all skill levels and offers a good challenge for each category. The demanding nature of the game helps players to improve their mental and physical sharpness.
  • Compatible with multiple devices and operating systems
  • Regular updates that come with new and more exciting features


  • Highly addictive - The amazing nature of PUBG means that many players may get hooked to it, especially the younger ones. The same may happen to those who bet on PUBG.
  • Inadequate competitions - Although there are already many PUBG competitions, the huge number of players means they are not adequately served.
Pros and cons
Understanding PUBG betting odds

Understanding PUBG betting odds

The odds of PUBG: Battlegrounds betting are not significantly different from those of other sports. The PUBG odds are mainly determined by the region from which you are playing. There are odds expressed in Fractions, Decimals, or +/-. No matter how the odds appear, the amount you are likely to win in a game is always the same.

For instance, if a fractional odd is 2/1, it means that you get $2 when you stake $1. The return is the same if you place $ on a 2.00 odd bet. American odds are a bit more confusing if you are not used to them. The favorite team has a -2 odd, whereas the underdog has +2. Like in every other type of betting, the higher the odd in PUBG, the risker the bet.

Understanding PUBG betting odds
PUBG: Battlegrounds betting tips & tricks

PUBG: Battlegrounds betting tips & tricks

Avoid unknown competitions

Unlike mainstream teams like football which are hard to establish, anyone can create a PUBG team. Therefore, you may bet in a competition where all teams are labeled pro, but few of them are. Avoid betting on competitions where you have no idea which teams are playing.

On the other hand, always go for major tournaments like the PUBG Global Championship. These tournaments are featured on the best betting sites. As they try to popularise esport betting, these houses offer great promotions that you can take advantage of.

Pick risky bets, stake low

One purpose of online esports betting is to increase the thrill. The excitement in PUBG goes up when you take riskier bets. PUBG bets like the duration of a map do not depend heavily on players' skill, yet they have nice returns. However, when placing such bets, always be careful to stake low because the chances of happening are minimal.

Bet on live games

Find a website that offers live games and play on it. Despite a player's skill level, there are days when games go their way and others when nothing clicks. In a live game, you depend not just on the known skill but also on the day's performance to make your betting decision.

Remember the betting rulebook

Despite being new, e-sports betting is gambling. It brings with it all the risks associated with traditional gambling. Remember to bet sober, bet for the fun of it, have a budget, and don't chase wins/losses.

PUBG: Battlegrounds betting tips & tricks