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The Rainbow Six Siege World Cup is a seasonal event that brings together the top Rainbow Six Siege players worldwide to compete at the game's highest level. The event is also a unique opportunity for fans to share their passion, pride, and love of the game with their favorite teams on a world stage.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, popularly Rainbow Six Siege, is an eSports game developed by Ubisoft Montreal. The video game can be played online on Microsoft Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms. The first version of Rainbow Six Siege was released in December 2015 and immediately took the gaming world by storm.

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Everything about Rainbow Six Siege World Cup

The first-ever Rainbow Six Siege World Cup was scheduled for the summer of 2021. According to the organizers, 20 teams were expected to feature in the inaugural event. Fourteen teams were invited directly by Ubisoft, and six other teams had to compete and win in the qualifier rounds to participate in the World Cup.

31 teams from different countries and regions were to participate in the qualifier stages. Unfortunately, the event had to be postponed due to the Covid 19 pandemic that hit the world during that time.

By 2020, R6 had more than 70 million active players- the latest version of the game was released in January 2022. The version is known as the Rainbow Six Extraction and features most of the characters in Siege.

R6 Gameplay

Rainbow Six Siege is an online first-person shooter game. Players can choose and utilize any operator from the numerous options. Each character has different abilities, gadgets, weapons, and nationalities, allowing players to select what works best for their gaming skills and preferences. However, the differences in characters' abilities mean that teams usually have a distinct competitive edge.

Usually, the game is played by two teams, one comprising terrorists and the other acting as a counter-terrorism unit. The main objectives for each team vary depending on the game mode played.

For example, in Hostage mode, the attacker's primary goal is to extract hostages from the defenders as the latter prevents attackers from rescuing the hostages. In the Bomb mode, the attackers' primary objective is to locate and defuse bombs while defenders work to kill the attackers or destroy the defuser.

Other Rainbow Six Siege game modes include Secure Area, Tactical Realism, and Outbreak. It is also possible to enjoy the game solo by playing the Situations or Training Grounds mode. Additionally, several seasonal events typically take place each year.

Rainbow Six Siege World Cup Betting Odds

Before the postponement of the Rainbow Six Siege World Cup, several eSports betting sites had already offered betting markets for the event. The popularity of the game and event resulted in the eSports betting providers offering very competitive odds.

According to experts, relatively similar odds for the event will be offered in eGaming betting sites, which is likely to occur before the year's end. Ubisoft is yet to announce the official dates for the event.

Betting Markets and Odds

The main betting markets offered on most eSports betting sites for the Rainbow Six Siege events are outrights, most kills, and match-winner. Outright bets involve predicting the overall winner of the tournament. The odds for such bets are usually average for event favorites but can be very high for the underdogs.

The betting odds for most kills are typically high because of the difficulty in accurately predicting the number of kills for any player. The odds for match-winner betting markets vary depending on which teams are playing against each other, with the favorite team to win the match having lower odds.

In addition, some betting operators offer unique betting markets, such as betting on whether a hostage will be hurt or if a team will manage to use the defuser.

Rainbow Six Siege World Cup Best Teams

As mentioned earlier, the Rainbow Six Siege World Cup scheduled for 2021 had to be postponed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, there were already detailed plans of how everything should have taken place, which will likely remain the same for when the event will occur.

Participating Teams

The Rainbow Six Siege World Cup will be the first-ever country-based Rainbow Six Siege tournament, involving 45 teams from different regions and countries. Only 14 teams with direct invitations have confirmed participation.

The 31 other teams will have to compete in qualifying Rainbow Six Siege World Cup leagues to earn a spot to feature in the first of many of the biggest Rainbow Six Siege World Cup tournaments. The six winning teams from the qualifiers will qualify for the tournament, totaling 20 teams competing in the final stage of the Rainbow Six Siege World Cup.

Team Selection Process

There are defined rules that will be used to determine which players will play for each of the national teams. Each team at Rainbow Six Siege World Cup online tournaments will have a national committee comprising three managers. The first team manager will be a representative chosen by the local Rainbow Six Siege local community.

The local professional players and coaches will select the second one, and the Ubisoft local eSports team will select the third one. All the team managers must be 18 years or older and have citizenship of the country they represent. The managers will then select five players for their respective teams. Each team can have a maximum of two players from the same pro organization.

R6 World Cup Ambassador

Given major Rainbow Six Siege World Cup tournaments' importance, Ubisoft saw it best to find one of the most influential and popular athletes as the event's ambassador. They also reached out to Tony Parker, an internationally recognized athlete who played in the NBA, to take the role.

Tony Parker has more than 20 years of experience in professional competitions, with numerous accolades and 4 NBA Championship titles. He also has a true passion for eSports games. According to the event organizers, Tony Parker can share his valuable insights on the Rainbow Six Siege World Cup championships with players.


It is still challenging to make predictions on the winning teams as there have not yet been formal announcements regarding which players will play for the respective teams. All that can be said is that the competition will be fierce. There is also no official information regarding how much the pool prize will be.

Where to Bet on Rainbow Six Siege World Cup

Betting on the Rainbow Six Siege World Cup will be similar to video game betting. Rainbow Six events and tournaments. For starters, punters must find online eSport betting sites that offer betting markets on the event.

Punters might have different preferences, meaning no particular eSports betting provider can be claimed as the most suitable for everyone. An easy solution for that is visiting a ranking site for eSports providers. A reliable ranking site should have all the information and relevant suggestions for eSports bettors.

The next step to follow when betting on Rainbow Six Siege World Cup tournaments involves choosing a suitable betting market. That can range from betting on the outcome of a match or overall tournament to game specifics such as which player will have the most kills. As with a list of eSports tournaments, most betting markets often have different odds, which punters must consider before placing the bet.

Betting Strategies for R6 World Cup

Punters should research the teams and players before betting on the best Rainbow Six Siege World Cup tournaments. That includes finding out about past performances and comparing the team's performances to help make informed decisions regarding the possible outcomes.

New punters should consider starting small until they get accustomed to e-gamming betting. Finally, punters should avoid bets that are too risky despite the attractive odds they may have.

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