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Unlock the Snow Vanguard: The Ultimate Tank Ship in Skull and Bones

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In the game Skull and Bones, players have the opportunity to earn and unlock various ships. One of the highly sought-after ships is the Snow Vanguard, also known as the Tank ship. This ship offers exceptional durability and offensive capabilities, making it a valuable asset for players.

Unlock the Snow Vanguard: The Ultimate Tank Ship in Skull and Bones

The Snow Vanguard: A Tank Ship

The Snow Vanguard stands out among the available ships in Skull and Bones. It boasts the highest hull health and all the weapon slots, making it a formidable force on the seas. Additionally, it possesses the Tenacity perk, allowing for rapid recovery of Brace Strength, a crucial aspect of tanking damage.

Benefits of the Snow Vanguard

The Snow Vanguard is particularly useful for engaging in endgame content, such as fortress attacks. While other ships focus on dealing damage or providing support, the Snow Vanguard excels at absorbing massive amounts of damage through bracing. Its resilience and offensive capabilities make it an excellent choice for players looking to conquer challenging encounters.

Acquiring the Snow Vanguard

To obtain the Snow Vanguard, players must first acquire its blueprints. These blueprints can be purchased from the Shipwrecked Rogue merchant at the Khmoy Estate outpost in the northern part of the East Indies. However, players must reach the Corsair I rank of Infamy to be eligible for the purchase.

Crafting the Snow Vanguard

Once the blueprints are obtained, players can craft the Snow Vanguard at the shipwright. The materials required for crafting include Juniper Planks, Zinc Ingots, Fine Abaka, Ironwood Planks, Steel Ingots, Sheet Glass, Screw Mechanisms, and Silver. Most of these materials can be gathered in the East Indies region, while Sheet Glass and Screw Mechanisms can be looted from Dutch ships in the area.


The Snow Vanguard is a highly desirable ship in Skull and Bones, offering exceptional durability and offensive capabilities. While acquiring the blueprints and crafting the ship may require time and resources, the Snow Vanguard proves to be a valuable asset for tackling challenging content. Players seeking a powerful tank ship should consider adding the Snow Vanguard to their arsenal.

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