February 17, 2022

Arcane Season 2: Everything Known So Far

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Anyone familiar with online sports betting will be aware that League of Legends plays a big role in this community. The game is the basis for several high profile tournaments that can be wagered on. Readers can check out EsportRanker for more info on this topic. However, not all gamblers will know about the critically acclaimed LoL spinoff streaming series Arcane.

Arcane Season 2: Everything Known So Far

The first season was released in early November 2021 on the platform Netflix. This animation follows sisters Vi and Jinx as they find themselves on opposing sides in a conflict between the cities Zaun and Piltover. Despite the first season finishing fairly recently there is already a large online buzz around the release of Arcane season 2.

Why will it appeal to gamblers?

The show is sure to delight anyone who enjoys League of Legends esport betting as it contains numerous recognizable elements. Research is important when placing these types of wagers. If gamblers watch Arcane it could help to improve their tactics. They may even pick some esport online betting tips from forums focused on the show.

Whilst the plot of Arcane s2 can only be speculated upon it will likely resolve the cliff-hanger that ended the first season. This was the culmination of three acts that helped to build on the lore found in the League of Legends game. Sometimes esport betting sites will inform gamblers of this lore so that they can better understand the narrative and make insightful wagers.

Release date

Unfortunately Riot Games has not told fans when season 2 is likely to be released. Anyone hoping to know the fates of Vi and Jinx will have to wait for now. The only confirmation so far is that it will happen but not in 2022. It should be noted that season 1 took six years to make. However, since Arcane has become a phenomenal success production of future episodes could be sped up.

Who is behind the show?

Arcane was created by Christian Linke and Alex Yee. For the second season Fortiche Productions has been made the main animation studio. Fresh producers announced include Brandon Beck, Jane Chung, Thomas Vu and Marc Merrill. Linke and Yee have stated that they are working hard to deliver new episodes to fans.

Riot Games had planned for it to be a multi-season Netflix show right from the start. This was before it became one of the most popular pieces of television on Netflix. It remains to be seen if content for season 2 has already been finished. In the meantime, online betting fans can get their League of Legends fix by watching tournaments.

Will the show be canceled?

This is highly unlikely to happen before season 2 drops. It is true that Netflix has occasionally pulled the plug on popular shows much to the dismay of subscribers. However, a trailer for the next season has already come out. It does not give much information on the narrative. The voices of Caitlyn, Vi, Jinx and a new character can be heard. This is sure to generate even more buzz and demand for the continuation of Arcane.

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