Top Rocket League Betting Sites 2024

Rocket League is a vehicular soccer video game that was released back in 2015. The game was initially designed for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows gaming. A few months after its release, ports for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One were also released. The game bears close similarities to its predecessor, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, albeit with a few standout differences.

Players get to control rocket-powered cars, with which they can hit a large ball and try to score in a similar way as in a soccer game. The vehicles can jump when rocket power is activated to hit the ball while still in mid-air.

Top Rocket League Betting Sites 2024
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Everything you need to know about Rocket League esports

There are marked spaces within the field where players can pass their cars to get speed boosts. Speed boosts are used to increase the performance of the cars quite significantly and can give a player numerous advantages in gameplay.

Rocket League was released as a modification of the Supersonic Acrobatic RPBC. Psyonix developed battle cars. One of Psyonix's goals was to make the unreal cars feel fun to drive without compromising realism.

After developing the Battle-Cars, Psyonix tried to sell the game to a publisher as a soccer game with rocket-powered cars, but they received no interest from all the publishers. They then opted to publish the game themselves on the PlayStation Network, with nearly no marketing.

The game was downloaded over two million times. However, the studio left it at that for a while to work on other projects. The other projects helped generate funds that were later injected into Battle-Cars to make it a success.

Rocket League development, which came from the Battle-Cars project, started in 2013 and cost about two million dollars. Some of the adjustments made to transform Battle-Cars to Rocket League included increasing the frame rate from 30 to 60 to make it suitable for the newer hardware.

RL eSports

After the release of the Rocket League, it became relatively popular on various streaming platforms, including Twitch. The first Rocket League Championship Series took place in 2016, having a cash prize of $55,000. It made more than a million dollars in revenue through the sales of in-game cosmetic items and crates. The funds were mainly used to fund other competitive events, resulting in the increased popularity of the game as an eSport.

Rocket League Betting 2024: all you need to know

Players can also ram into the cars of other players and destroy them. The wrecked cars take a few moments before respawning. A player can also perform numerous quick dodges such as spinning in specific directions and doing short jumps to avoid ramming to gain a better positioning advantage.

All matches typically last five minutes. If both teams draw after five minutes, the first team to score the next goal wins. The games can be played from one-on-one up to four against four.

Betting on Rocket League is relatively similar to betting on other eSport games. Players have to start by finding a suitable gaming site. Because of the game's popularity, finding a gaming site that offers RL among its eSports betting market is not quite difficult as many reputable casinos do.

However, players should consider the number of events available as well. The more Rocket League events a betting website offers, the more betting opportunities a player will have. After finding a reputable betting site that offers Rocket League bookmakers, punters must deposit funds into their betting accounts and place relevant bet on Rocket League. The types of bets might vary depending on the markets offered.

Most common bets are usually based on a team to win, player to score, and the number of goals. The Rocket League bets can also be combined. The bets can also be for single matches or an entire event. The process of placing the bet might vary slightly in different betting sites, but the principles remain the same.

Betting on Rocket League is usually quite fun because of the nature of the game. Players get to enjoy the gameplay irrespective of the outcome of the game. Each match typically lasts only five minutes, so punters do not wait too long to know the results of their bets.

Why is Rocket League popular?

Rocket League is one of the most popular free games available on PS4 and various other platforms. It is pretty popular that it has an active online community that makes interactions solely about the game and its issues. Steam Charts estimate that the game still has more than 150,000 active users. The number usually goes up during major events.

eSports competitions have also significantly helped to increase the popularity of the game. Some of the eSports competitions are Major League Gaming and ESL. Psyonix also has its Rocket League Championship Series that helps to maintain the popularity of the game.

Playing eSport online

Rocket League was generally created to be played among friends. The easiest way to make that happen is playing online, though it is possible to play offline on a gaming console. Players can connect and compete online on all the platforms on which RL is available. Players have the option of disabling cross-platform play. Players can only connect with other players on a similar platform when cross-platform play is deactivated.

To ensure smooth gameplay, players need a stable internet connection. The game allows for connections of up to eight different players. However, only four different players can split the screen at a time.

Big Rocket League eSports players

Several esport players have made a name for themselves because of their success in playing eSports. Such are usually judged by the amount of money they make on the popular games, including the Rocket League. Most of them are also responsible for popularizing some of the games in which they usually win.

Johan Sundstein has won over 7.2 million dollars on eSports, making him the highest earner ever in eSports. The next player is Kyle Giersdorf, who has more than 3.2 million dollars in winnings. Other notable names are Peter Rasmussen, Ian Porter, Lee Sang-Hyeok, Feg, and Joona Sotala.

Why do players love Rocket League?

One of the main reasons behind the Rocket League's popularity is the game is honest. That means the game does not utilize algorithms to determine the success of players.

The players only need to rely on the law of physics without any randomization. There is also no pay-to-win element in the game. All the transactions within the game are only cosmetic, which players use only to make their cars appear aesthetically better.

Another obvious reason is that the game is quite entertaining. The graphics and competitive nature of the game are the main contributing factors to how fun it is. The cross-platform title of the game is also quite appealing to many players.

How to play Rocket League like a pro?

Playing Rocket League is relatively easy. It takes only a few minutes for any new player to understand and play the game. However, becoming an expert requires a lot of practice as some maneuvers can be difficult to learn.

The primary learning curve involves knowing the game controls. Players can then start learning some of the positional plays and tricks to improve winning chances. The game has a training mode that includes a tutorial to help players learn and improve their game.

The basic tutorials teach everything regarding controlling cars, performing dodges and jumps, and using boosts. Advanced tutorials offer information on performing complex maneuvers such as doing double jumps, rocket flying, and doing front flips.

Biggest players and teams of Rocket League

The list of the biggest players and teams of the Rocket League ranges from defending champions to hot newcomers. The top player is M0nkey M00n, who plays for team BDS. He is currently in his third year of professional Rocket League gaming. The 18-year old is known for consistently leading his team to victory.

Jstn, who plays for the NRG team, is also ranked among the best. In addition to his success, he is known for having scored the most famous goal in the game. His game style is speedy, flashy, and very creative. Other notable names include Turbopolsa of Team Envy, Extra from team BDS, and Firstkiller from Team Rogue.

Betting on a Rocket League championship

The eSports world cup is currently known as the Electronic Sports World Convention (ESWC). This international competition involves several eSports, which take place yearly. Typically, national qualifier events usually take place among teams from all around the world.

Only the winners of the qualifiers get the right to represent their countries in the championship. The event's popularity has been growing gradually but steadily. It currently attracts hundreds of thousands of online spectators from across the world.

ESWC was created by a French company called Ligarena. The company was previously known for hosting smaller LAN events only within France. In 2003, the company decided to go big and host an event that participants from worldwide could join. That marked the birth of ESWC.

The company then grew and changed to Game–Services in 5005. It then brought in another company called Games-Solution in 2009, which later acquired ownership of its brand. In 2012, an agency called Oxent, which specializes in electronic sports, acquired ESWC.

All about ESWC

The first eSports world cup, which was held in 2003, had 358 different participants. A total of 37 countries participated in the event to win the prize money of 150,000 euros. The event featured only five games. The number of participants had reached 547 by 2006, representing 53 different countries. The prize money also grew to 400,000 US dollars. The number of games had also increased to seven.

ESWC has taken place each year ever since, with the number of participants constantly increasing every year. However, the prize money fluctuated in both directions, with some years having a pool prize lower than the previous years. In some years, the event's structure also changed to incorporate improvements that enhance the gamers' and spectators' experience.

Games features in ESWC

In 2003, only five games were featured in the ESWC event. These included the Counter-Strike, Unreal Tournament, Warcraft III, Quake 3, and Counter-Strike Female. In 2004, Painkiller and Pro Evolution Soccer were added to the list. Each subsequent year also saw some additions of new games.

Gran Turismo 4, Trackmania Nations, Defense of the Ancients, Special Force, FIFA, Need for speed, Guitar Hero, Super Street Fighter, Dota, Shoot Mania Storm, Tekken, Call of Duty, Just Dance, and League of Legends are some of the other games that have ever been played in ESWC.

Whenever newer versions of a game featured in the tournament were released, they replaced the older versions. For example, FIFA 10 was replaced by FIFA 11 in 2011 and then FIFA 13 in 2012. The highest number of games to ever be featured in a single event is ten, back in 2010.

Other than the official titles, the tournament usually includes several other games. Generally, nearly all popular esports are usually played but not featured as main events. The games are categorized as fighting, first-person shooters, multiplayer online battle arenas, racing, sports, real-time strategy, third-person shooters, and card games.

Medal Tally

Currently, France holds the highest number of medals, which are 23 gold medals, 14 silver medals, and 25 bronze medals. The United States is in second place with 30 medals, followed by Sweden and South Korea. Of all the countries that have ever participated in the event, only 32 countries have won medals.

Find the perfect Rocket League bookmakers

Currently, there are not many betting providers offering betting markets on Rocket League. Finding one can be a bit challenging. An easy way to get one is by visiting a casino ranking site and going through the list of available ones. The next step involves comparing all the potential betting sites to determine the most suitable one.

That process entails considering the number of events available on the site, odds, the credibility of the provider, and payment processing, among many other things. Finding the right betting site ensures the player enjoys the best user experience.

Players must deposit money into their accounts before betting on Rocket League. That is except for sites that offer and allow the use of no-deposit bonuses to bet on RL. With all that set, players can consider all the betting options available and place the relevant bets.

Such include betting on a Rocket League team to win, the number of scores and the player to score. Some of the esports bookmakers usually stream the games live. That allows players to follow the game after betting. It also gives players insights into teams and players, which can help to inform their subsequent betting decisions.

The best Rocket League teams to bet on

Numerous teams are good enough to be ranked among the best. Betting on such teams usually gives punters better winning chances, although they typically have lower odds. Ranking teams can be a bit challenging because of the numerous factors that must be considered. Such include:

  • The team's overall performance.
  • The current form of the team.
  • Competitions in which the teams have participated, among several others.

Team BDS

The highest-ranking team is called Team BDS. The team is a Swiss esports organization with players M0nkey M00n, MaRc_By_8, and Extra. The three are currently under a contract that will last until the end of 2022. The team coach is Kael. The team has played hundreds of matches and recorded over 75% wins in series and over 64% wins.

Team Vitality

The second-ranking team is Team Vitality, previously Renault Vitality. The team is based in France and is known to compete in several different eSport games. Its active players are Fairy Peak, Kaydop, and Alpha54. The team coach is called Mount. The team has a record of over 67% wins in series and 59% wins in games.


The third team is called Dignitas, previously called Team Dignitas. This team is based in the United States, featuring Joreuz, Apparentlyjack, Scrub Killa, and Jessie. They have a record of over 58% wins in series and 54% wins in games.

Misfits Gaming

The fourth-ranking team is Misfits Gaming. The American eSports organization is based in Miami. The team players are Mittaen, arju, Kash, and ANDYTHEMANDY. The team's performance is 70% wins in series and 59% wins in games. The percentages are pretty impressive, but the total number of games the team has played is a lot less than the other top teams.

SMPR eSports

SMPR eSports is also called Semper Esports. The owner of the European Rocket League team is an English eSports organization called Semper Fortis Esports. The players are Kassio, Archie, Chausette45, and RamS. The team performance is at 52% wins in series and 51% wins in games.

The other notable teams include Endpoint CeX, Evil Geniuses, Vodafone Giants, Rix GG, Team Liquid, Guild Esports, Williams Resolve, FC Barcelona, Karmine Corp, Team Queso, SK Gaming, and Natus Vincere. It is essential to note that the rankings usually keep changing from time to time due to the game's competitive nature.

Pros and Cons


  • The game is entertaining: The most obvious pro is that the game is quite entertaining. Controlling cars using the laws of physics in the game can be addictive at times. The graphics and ability to modify the aesthetics of the car also make it quite enjoyable.
  • Playing the game is easy: The game has relatively easy rules and objectives. The game controls are also quite simple. That makes it easy for anyone to play and enjoy the game, including newbies.
  • **The game is free:**Another top pro is that the game is entirely free. Gamers do not need to worry about parting with their money to access the game or its features.
  • The game has a detailed car editor: The car editor is quite detailed, which allows players to modify their cars to extreme details. The modifications do not affect the game performance.
  • The game has a training mode: Players can learn or train to improve their game by switching to training mode. The tutorials are quite detailed and effective.


  • The game length is fixed: There is no option for changing the game length, which is set at five minutes.
  • AI teams often lose too easily: The AI team habitually makes it effortless to score, at times even making teammates score on themselves
  • Servers could break down often: Players usually experience server breakdowns from time to time.

All about Rocket League betting odds

Most betting providers usually offer Rocket League betting odds based on the expected outcome of the game. There are specific formulas used for calculating the odds, which are directly related to probability. For example, a highly likely team to win a game will have lower odds, resulting in lower winnings. The odds are usually presented in a similar way to those of authentic soccer.

The betting odds also usually keep changing as the game continues for sites that allow live betting on Rocket League. For example, the odds of a team winning can drop quite significantly if the team scores a goal.

The odds might vary in different betting sites, although most of them usually have negligible differences. However, there are some betting sites known to offer significantly better odds than the rest. That makes it essential to choose the best site as it directly affects the possible win amount.

Some sites also have various requirements regarding the odds players must bet when using bonuses. Players must meet the requirements to be able to convert their winnings into real cash. It is thus essential to keep an eye on the wagering requirements when using bonuses to bet on Rocket League.

How to best conquer betting on Rocket League

For starters, players need to be very selective with their bets. That is especially the case for punters who are new to Rocket League betting. Players should only place bets on RLthat are more likely to have a desirable outcome instead of those most likely to result in the highest winnings.

Researching about a team and its players before betting can also help punters make better betting decisions. A team's previous performance, ranking, and current form can all influence the expected result of a game.

Players should also use the right betting tactics and strategies. Doing so can help punters to be a lot more decisive when making betting decisions. That is because they will always know which bookmaker and bet type to choose for all the bets they make.

Proper bankroll management is also essential. Players should never spend money that they cannot afford to lose on any bet.

Players should always utilize any bonuses available to them. Most esports betting providers usually offer a welcome bonus. Using such a bonus gives players opportunities to learn or practice the game and possibly win money without risking anything.

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