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An international esports tournament called World Electronic Sports Games aka (WESG) is a digital competition located in Shanghai, which is based on the Olympic Games. Since 2016, gamers from the same nations compete against other national gamer teams. This unique esports competition separates men and women, with gamers competing against other players of the same sex. In 2016, the first tournament offered a $5.5 million prize pool.

During the event’s first year, only national citizens could compete on a country’s team. Rules of the tournament have evolved and now permit two foreign members for each team. Tournament competitors are who win continue in the tournament, based on single-elimination protocols.

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Games at WESG

Featuring a number of popular games, WESG gamers compete at the highest level.

Counter Strike

Counter Strike (CS:GO) is a game set in various locations in the world. Players control opposing counterterrorist or terrorist militant characters. For each play round, the teams work to defeat each other by achieving the objectives are destroying all on the opposing team. The game allows for customization of accessories and weapons.

Dota 2

With Dota 2, gamers play in 5-player teams against another team, which is either defending or occupying a base on the map. Each player controls a character, called a hero, which has powerful abilities. Gamers may choose from 122 hero to control and collect points for the hero when it defeats a hero on the opposing team. To win, a team must destroy the large structure on the other team’s base, called an Ancient.


Hearthstone is a digital card game, which is free to play. Building on the Warcraft series, the game uses the same characters and elements. In 2014, Blizzard Entertainment released the game for macOS and Windows. Later in the year, the company also released Android and iOS versions.

Featuring cross-platform technology, the title supports gameplay between players on different devices. Two opponents use decks of 30 cards, controlling a hero with unique powers. Players use crystals to summon minions to attack the opponent, eventually destroying the competition’s hero.

World Electronic Sports Games' winning teams and biggest moments

In 2016, the first tournament held qualifying rounds in Shanghai. Even with substantial prize money available, many top players did not attend the inaugural tournament. Instead, several world-renowned players opted to go to more popular events, such as the ELEAGUE Major. WESG still enjoyed robust competition with France’s EnVyUs Team beating out the Kinguin Team from Poland in CS:GO to take home a large prize pool.

TNC Pro Team bested Denmark's Cloud9 in Dota 2 to win the grand prize. Sweden’s Alliance Team won victory against the Infamous Team from Peru to win the bronze. Koreans the StarCraft 2 competition to win. In third, Alex Sunderhaft from America beat Tobias Sieber from Germany. In the grand final, Hearthstone's champion Euneil Javiñas from the Philippines won over Sweden's Jon Westberg.

Where and how to bet on World Electronic Sports Games

To wager and win, a bettor needs to research the teams and individual players who are competing in WESG. Like betting on regular sports, it’s vital to know all of the participants prior betting. After reviewing odds, the gambler wins money for guessing the correct winners of individual and team competitions. Here are some of the types of betting opportunities available for the tournament.

In esports communities, gamblers meet up on social media to wager informally among friends. These bets are often for actual cash or other items, depending on the terms set between two individuals or the group. However, social betting is not always a good idea. Betting against friends may lead to disagreements and placing wagers with strangers online is risky.

Betting in person or head-to-head allows a gambler to place a wager with other gamers who bet informally with one another. Gaming websites also offer head-to-head betting. Competitors pay a fee to enter, and the winner gets the prize money, which is a combination of the fees paid.

Real esports betting involves placing money on the individual or team expected to win via an online platform or land-based business. However, if a person is not well-versed in the game and the history of the players, it is best not to waste money. Only skilled bettors, who understand esports strategy win consistent profits wagering.

Of course, players may also place fantasy bets, which is not actually betting. Much like fantasy football, fantasy esports teams consist of rosters of esports players. Fantasy esports enthusiasts predict winners for fun without wagering money.

Where and how can a player bet on this tournament?

Reputable online esportsbooks offer esport betting options and odds for fans to wager on WESG. It’s vital to check the website’s licensing credentials and reputation before wagering. There is a distinct disparity in a bettor’s experience with high quality and low-quality betting websites.

Trusted sites offer clear terms of service, prominently displayed licensing credentials, and good reviews. It’s not safe to wager money on a random sportsbook. In choosing a bookmaker, bettors should make sure an online site has the following qualities:

  • A sportsbook's positive operations history assures a bettor that he will receive payment on a winning bet.
  • Popular sportsbooks generally enjoy good online reputations, which attract esports enthusiasts.
  • Technical reliability provides consumers with near 100 percent availability for placing wagers.
  • Good bonus structures are competitive with other websites on the market.
  • Simple-to-use interfaces allow bettors to easily a navigate the website.
  • WESG event coverage increases live betting excitements
  • Betting options offer a variety of ways to wager.
  • Favorable odds are competitive with other sportsbooks.
  • Respected deposit methods offer trusted digital funds transfers.
  • Fast, simple withdrawal processes ensure a seamless experience.

Online gambling is empowering gamers and fans to easily wager money on WESG. Betting is fast becoming one of the most exciting aspects of digital gaming and esports. By providing a new way for fans to enjoy the games, online sportsbooks compete with one another to garner significant chunks of the esports betting market.

Live betting adds to the tournament’s fun and excitement. By leveraging the power of the internet, sportsbooks offer fans the ability to gamble from anywhere across the globe. From Asia to Europe, WESG enthusiasts may place bets on favored teams and players from the comfort of home. Like the Olympics, the tournament sparks a sense of national pride for esports fans wherever they may live.

What is the best strategy to bet on this tournament?

Knowledge is king in esports betting. Betting smart means an esports fan researches the teams and players prior to wagering money. A team may have an advantage, if it has acquired a top ranked player prior to the tournament.

Looking at historical data, which details the players who win most often will help a gambler place a solid wager. With a little knowledge and a lot of luck, esports enthusiasts may enjoy betting on teams and players who compete at the World Electronic Sports Games.

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