November 7, 2023

Optimize Your Deck with Powerful Digimon Promos

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In the world of Digimon TCG, there are various types of cards, including starter decks, booster sets, and promos. Promos are special cards that are often given out as bonuses at events or with product purchases. These cards, labeled with a product tag “P-XXX,” are usually foil cards that can enhance specific archetypes or have widespread use in multiple decks.

Optimize Your Deck with Powerful Digimon Promos

The Most Widespread Staples

While individually they may not have the most impact, there are two promos that are widely used in many decks.

  • Color Memory Boosts: These cards allow players to search for 4 cards at a low cost. They are not tamers, so they do not contribute to the win conditions of DeathXmon or Quartzmon. Additionally, their Delay effect allows them to be sent to the trash to give the player 2 memory. To counteract their effects, players can use memory floodgates like BT6-021 ModokiBetamon or BT3-061 Chuumon. These cards were initially introduced in limited quantities but have since been reprinted in the Gallantmon & UlforceVeedramon Starter Decks and RB01.

  • Training cards: These cards, which debuted as Box Toppers in BT14, allow players to search for 2 cards at a cost of 2. Unlike Memory Boosts, Training cards can also pick up Option cards and Tamers in addition to Digimon. When using the delay effect of Training cards, players must Digivolve into a card of the matching color with a reduced cost of 2. Due to their versatility and the lack of floodgates, these cards have become playsets in most decks in the East.

Strongest Digimon Promos

The strongest Digimon promos, as compiled for the English version of BT14, include cards up to P-130, the most recently announced promo eligible in the newest Ultimate Cup rulings.

In conclusion, Digimon promos are valuable additions to any player's collection. The Color Memory Boosts and Training cards are widely used staples that offer strategic advantages in gameplay. Whether you're looking to enhance specific archetypes or improve the overall performance of your deck, these promos are worth considering. Stay updated with the latest announcements to discover new and powerful Digimon promos that can take your gameplay to the next level.

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