Your Best Battlefield Betting Guide 2024

This Battlefield eSports betting guide dives into all the dynamics regarding betting on this block. Find out about the videogame's background, the different games in the series, gameplay, Battlefield's place in the eSports scene, the betting markets and odds, eSports tournaments to bet on, best Battlefield eSports teams, and so on.

According to statistics, the eSports industry is worth a whopping 1.08 billion US dollars in 2021 and is expected to hit 1.62 billion US dollars by 2024. The competitiveness in the eSports industry has spurred eSports betting, especially after the pandemic struck. With most live events canceled, bookmakers explored eSports to offer players something to bet on.

Your Best Battlefield Betting Guide 2024
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About the Battlefield series

About the Battlefield series

Today, eSports betting is among the fastest-growing markets in the online gambling scene. Statistics show that in 2020, the total value of wagers in eSports was more than 12.9 billion US dollars.

One of the eSports to bet on today is Battlefield. Even though it's not as prominent as other eSports games, the new installment, Battlefield 2042, is the next big thing. It aims at correcting all the flaws that came with its two predecessors, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 5.

Battlefield is a first-person shooter (FPS) videogame that boasts several individual games and expansion packs. The main games are Battlefield 1942 (2002), Battlefield Vietnam (2004), Battlefield 2 (2005), Battlefield 2142 (2006), Battlefield 3 (2011), Battlefield 4 (2013), Battlefield 1 (2016), Battlefield V (2018), and the latest installment, Battlefield 2042 (2021).

Battlefield 4

Battlefield IV is the most dominant installment. It is the only game in the series that has represented the franchise well in the eSports scene. The storyline takes place six years after a fictitious 2020 war. Battlefield 4 was released in 2013 and was praised for its excellent graphics, gameplay, and multiplayer mode.

While it's still the best eSports game in the series, the single-player mode and glitches in a multiplayer mode made it get a little criticism.

Battlefield V

Battlefield V was the sequel to Battlefield 4, but unfortunately, it remains a flop. It failed to meet expectations because of marketing flaws. Also, the focus is on a single-player campaign instead of a battle royale campaign that is synonymous with eSports that killed the game's potential. But there are a few things that players like about Battlefield 5.

It came with several additions, for example, novel multiplayer modes, including "continuous" campaign mode "Firestorm" and "Grand Operations." In Battlefield V, there is enhanced realism courtesy of the Frostbite 3 game engine, and the battle royale mode is curved around the franchise's pillars of destruction, vehicles, and, importantly, team play.

Battlefield 2042

On November 19, 2021., the much-awaited Battlefield 2042 was released. It features seven brand-new maps and the intriguing Portal mode. One thing that makes this installment peculiar is that it's a multiplayer mode-only game meaning it is eSports-focused.

While there are no ranked or eSports modes at launch, at least the game has creator tools to enable players to customize game modes. Ranked and eSports modes are not available at the moment to allow players to learn the dynamics of the game, which are a bit complex. These features will be added later once players get acquainted with the game. Battlefield 2042 has not yet hit the eSports scene, but it will be a blockbuster when it does. It is set in the near future and features futuristic weapons.

About the Battlefield series
Betting on Battlefield

Betting on Battlefield

Even though betting on Battlefield is not as popular as other eSport games, it will surely get traction. To start, it is entirely legal to bet on Battlefield as long as bettors have attained the legal age of gambling. Betting on this videogame is not in any way different from betting on other FPS games, talk of CS: GO, Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, and the rest.

How to sign up at Battlefield betting sites

To bet on Battlefield, players must first scout for a betting site with Battlefield markets. Next, they should click on the sign-up option and complete the registration process by confirming their email. For the case of no verification betting sites, otherwise known as Trustly betting sites, they can get in the game without the hassles of registration or verification by just depositing money to the bookie.

Real money Battlefield betting

While some eSports betting sites offer free money betting, most are real money betting sites, so players must have real money to get in the action. The advantage of real money Battlefield betting sites is that players get to win real money when their bets come through. On real money bookmakers, eSports betting enthusiasts can play using fiat money currencies or crypto such as bitcoin and ethereum.

Betting on Battlefield
Best Battlefield eSports betting sites

Best Battlefield eSports betting sites

With the increasing demand for eSports betting markets, hundreds of eSports betting sites have sprouted. Well, this is such a good thing for players, but then, it can be hard to find the best sites to join. For those who aren't sure which is the best Battlefield betting site, below are some important aspects to consider.


The first thing players need to do is join a betting site that has been licensed by any of the renowned gambling regulatory authorities. On such sites, players can be sure that their money is in safe hands and cases of match-fixing are not a concern.

Markets and odds

Next, they should make sure that the site has various Battlefield betting markets and lots of Battlefield events to bet on. Importantly, the odds should be high.

Banking options

Another crucial consideration when choosing the best Battlefield betting site is the eSports payment options. The eSports betting app to join should offer flexible, fast, and secure banking options. All the popular online payment methods should be supported. The eSports deposit methods and withdrawals should also be fast.

Esports betting bonuses

For those who want to increase their bankroll, promotions such and no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses also count. Some of the best betting sites where bonuses can be found include BetWay, 22Bet, Bet365, and Betsson.

Best Battlefield eSports betting sites
Battlefield eSports tournaments and competitions

Battlefield eSports tournaments and competitions

Battlefield is not as active as other FPS games on the eSports scene. There are no regular tournaments and competitions as in Valorant, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, and Call of Duty. This is because the latest installments have not been majorly focused on eSports. However, the earlier editions of the FPS games were active in the past and attracted several top tournaments and competitions.

Battlefield eSports tournaments and competitions
Is there a Battlefield championship?

Is there a Battlefield championship?

The World Cup is the crème de la crème in eSports. This tournament goes by different names depending on the eSports. Unfortunately for Battlefield, there is no World Cup or a big tournament as the videogame isn't so popular in the eSports industry. But once the latest installment, BF2042, gains traction, there will surely be a premier tournament to crown the best team that will participate.

While there are no premier tournaments at the moment, several past tournaments will indeed be revived in the near future once Battlefield gets its footing in eSports. Below are some of the big Battlefield tournaments that could be in the pipeline.

Assembly Winter

Backed by Assembly Organizing Oy, Assembly Winter is a Finnish eSports event that has been active since the 90s. In 2007, for example, the tournament attracted several Battlefield 2142 matches where a total prize money of $13,644.88 was awarded. Unfortunately, there were no Battlefield events lined up in the Assembly Winter 2021 tournament, but Battlefield will certainly feature once the latest installment launches the eSports mode and teams start to build their BF rosters.


Electronic Sports League One, also known as ESL One, is another Battlefield tournament that tried to elevate Battlefield to the eSports scene some years back. The tournament attracted several top teams in the Winter 2015 season finals hosted in Cologne, Germany.

Eight teams split into two groups battled it out for glory. After gruesome battles, it's Epsilon eSports that clinched the lion's share of the €35,000 prize pool after edging out INTZ e-Sports. Once Battlefield 2042 actualizes its eSports modes, ESL One will definitely have it on board in its tournaments and competitions.

ESB League

While it doesn't attract the huge prize pools we see in other competitions, the ESB League has done Battlefield V some justice despite the videogame's flaws. There have been several tournaments organized by ESB, fielding some of the most competitive teams with Battlefield 5 rosters. When Battlefield 2042 gets inactive eSports, this is one of the tournaments that will come back.

Zurich Invitational

The Zurich Invitational is another tournament that put Battlefield on the eSports map. ESB hosts the tournament alongside GameTurnier, eStudios and, In the 2019/2020 season, the event attracted four Battlefield 1 teams in a double-elimination, 5v5 Domination match, invite-only Battlefield 1 LAN event on PS4.

The prize pool was not that big, but at least, Battlefield fans had a chance to witness the game on a competitive stage. If Battlefield 2042 materializes the eSports modes, this tournament will likely be relived.

The above are some of the Battlefield tournaments and competitions. Sadly, there are not so many competitions to bet on at the moment now that the game flopped on the eSports scene.

But with DICE looking forward to setting up Battlefield 2042 for eSports, by unveiling the ranked and eSports modes that are yet to be released, the company will likely partner with eSports tournament organizers to host several eSports events, probably, a Battlefield World Cup.

Is there a Battlefield championship?
Best Battlefield eSports teams

Best Battlefield eSports teams

Now that Battlefield is not popular on the eSports scene, there are not so many eSports pro teams. In eSports, teams tend to create rosters on the popular eSports that attract big prize pools, for example, DOTA 2, CS: GO, FIFA, and Valorant.

But now that Battlefield is set for an eSports comeback, the teams that have dominated in the past will surely make a comeback.

Some of the teams to expect include;

PENTA Sports

Founded in 2013, PENTA Sports is a German eSports team that left a mark on the Battlefield competitive scene. It participated in the ESL One Battlefield 4 Winter 2015 season. The team did well, but unfortunately, it finished third. Maybe, if Battlefield 2042 releases its eSports modes, the team will create a roster and come back to active competition. In 2021, the team has been active on the CS: GO scene.

Epsilon eSports

Another top team that should feature in Battlefield eSports is Epsilon eSports, an eSports organization founded in 2008. The team won the ESL One Battlefield 4 Winter 2015 season, beating INTZ e-Sports. At the moment, Epsilon eSports has rosters in Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, FIFA, Gears of War, and H1Z1. Considering the team's earlier exploits in Battlefield 4, the management can consider creating a BF2042 roster.

The above are some of the popular Battlefield eSports teams. Probably, once Battlefield 2042 makes its debut in eSports once eSports mode is active, other eSports teams majoring in FPS games, for example, Astralis, Entropiq, Extra Salt, Team Vitality, and Movistar Riders, will create Battlefield rosters.

Best Battlefield eSports teams
Battlefield betting Pros and Cons

Battlefield betting Pros and Cons

Just like the two sides of the same coin, Battlefield betting has advantages as well as disadvantages.


  • Availability of Battlefield on betting sites – Today, many eSports betting sites have eSports betting markets. Players won't have to comb through many betting sites to find bookies with Battlefield betting markets.
  • Win real money – The second advantage of battlefield betting is that players stand a chance of winning. But for the record, players can win real money only if they play at real money Battlefield betting sites.
  • Lucrative bonuses and promotions– Now that there is stiff competition amongst eSports betting sites, there is plenty of fantastic Battlefield betting bonuses for both new and existing players.


  • Lack of data – Unlike regular sports betting, eSports, including Battlefield, doesn't have any raw data that bettors can base on to place bets.
  • Risk of addiction – The same way playing Battlefield can be addictive, betting on the game also poses risks of addiction, and consequently, problem gambling.
Battlefield betting Pros and Cons
Battlefield betting odds explained

Battlefield betting odds explained

Before getting into the action, players need to understand Battlefield betting odds. For starters, betting odds is the representation of an event occurring or not. The rule of the thumb is always, the higher the odds, the lower the chances of winning, and vice versa.

Battlefield betting odds formats

There are three standard betting odds formats. Some betting sites support just one odds format, while others support all three formats.

  • British odds: Also referred to as fractional or UK odds, these odds are represented in fractions, for example, 5/2. The number on the left is the amount players win for wagering what is on the right, plus their initial stake.
  • American odds: These odds are represented with a plus or minus symbol. The former denotes the underdog, while the latter is for the favorites. American odds with a plus sign show the profit players make for every $100 wagered, while the minus sign indicates the amount a player must wager to make $100 as profit.
  • European odds: Also known as decimal odds, these odds are represented in decimals. To know the amount to be won, players should multiply their stake to the decimal odds.
Battlefield betting odds explained
Betting tips

Betting tips

Like traditional sports betting, Battlefield eSports betting requires some strategies to enhance players' chances of winning. This segment shares several Battlefield betting tips.

The first thing is to get acquainted with Battlefield's gameplay rules and regulations. Many bettors start wagering blindly without understanding the dynamics of the game. Have a grasp of how the game is played, and importantly, the betting markets and odds. Without learning the dynamics of the game, players risk wagering on highly impossible outcomes.

The next thing is to understand the Battlefield eSports scene. Bettors need to be aware of the top competitions and the favorites for each match or tournament. Check out the recent form of the teams battling it out and always trust the odds. Remember, the higher the odds, the lower the chances of that wager coming through. In the same token, the lower the odds, the higher the chances of winning.

Last, follow what the experts are saying. In Battlefield eSports betting, some experts follow the game closely and predict the winners. While Battlefield betting predictions are not guaranteed to come through, they have pretty high accuracy.

Even though the game is not so popular on the eSports and betting scene, the new installment will change things for the better. Expect it to start hitting the ground once the much-awaited features, ranked and eSports modes, are released.

Betting tips
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