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The Golden League is a global eSports competition run by the Elite Gaming Channel and Lord_Patito. It is the highest-ranked event from the Age of Empire (AoE) IV and offers more than ten weeks of grueling action from some of the best Age of Empire players. With a shared prize pool of $125,000, this event is regarded as one of the biggest AoE franchises.

This event, like with most eSport tournaments, is fully online. The Golden League starts with players participating in two one-day qualifying rounds. Players who qualify for the main event, which features 64 players, play in three bracket rounds. Eight of the best players from each group compete in a round-robin format following each round. The best four are then picked for a weekend playoff.

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About Age of Empires

Age of Empires is an award-winning Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game with a decorated legacy spanning over a decade. AoE is particularly identified by its strategic gameplay anchored on key historical civilizations. The title is spread across historical times, from the stone age era to modern times. Better yet, the series also captures some legendary creatures along with ancient mythology. While there is a lot to learn from the game, there is more to enjoy playing the game.

Age of Empires was first released on October 15, 1997. Ever since, the AoE brand has sold more than 15 million copies, making it one of the most popular titles in the RTS genre. The AoE series has been a force to reckon with in PC gaming over the last decade. While some video games employ some of AoE's mechanics, none matches the reputation and standing associated with the AoE.


The game's objective is to let players develop their civilization from a handful of hunters and gathers to form an expansive Iron Age empire. To secure a victory in the game, the player has to actively gather resources to play from newer buildings and employ advanced technologies. Similarly, resources must be used frugally as they tend to be scarce as the game unfolds.

Notably, the game has 12 civilizations, each with unique attributes. As the game unfolds, players have to advance through four stages. These include the Stone Age, Tool Age, Bronze Age, and the Iron Age. Each advancement in the game sees a player earn new technologies, weapons, and units.

Age of Empires' development

As mentioned before, the Age of Empire's history dates back to 1997, when Ensemble Studios rolled it out. During its early years, the game was one of its kind, combing a perfect mix of Warcraft and Civilization. Although this game had some software backs, they quickly resolved using patches.

Age of Empire II

Age of Empire II, the Age of Kings, was the second title in the series, released in September 1999. Although this game had several similarities to its predecessor, it also had superior features, which saw it garner numerous accolades and awards in gaming circles. Over the years, this title underwent numerous improvements, including 4K graphics, Xbox Live support, and exclusive achievements.

Age of Empire III

October 2003 saw AoE fans welcome Age of Empires III, built on an improved version of the Age of Mythology and updated graphics. The introduction of Home Cities as a support system for players in the new world. Like its predecessors, AOE III had some key expansions, such as the War Chiefs and Asian Dynasties.

Age of Empires IV

Age of Empires IV, launched in August 2017, is currently the latest release in the series. The initial release still had unfinished parts, and the Age of Empire IV was officially released in October 2021. This title also takes players back to the middle ages and incorporates some mechanics and features of earlier series that had been removed in AoE III.

The Golden League's winning teams and biggest moments

With the AoE Golden League competition underway, it is still early to make a call regarding who is the best in the competition. The event's ten weeks of grueling action will undoubtedly lead to one champion.

Age of Empires IV players and fans have enjoyed a rare spectacle over the tournaments' course. While some lesser-known players have been able to pull some 'unexpected wins' during the competition, some of the tournament's favorite has also been consistent.

As the tournament heads to a close on May 29, 2022, it is easy to point out some promising names from the leaderboard. Something about the best esports tournaments is that top performers are always consistent. This should be the guiding principle for any bettor keen on betting on eSport leagues or tournaments.

AoE IV biggest moments

The First Age of Empire's IV competition, Genesis Competition by Elite Gaming Channel, was held in 2021. The tournaments saw a veteran AoE player with the grand prize. The winner, Ørjan "TheViper" Larsen, a longstanding champion of the Age of Empires II, emerged victorious in the first "S-tier" event.

The new competition saw players from different communities battle it out. Being that Age of Empires IV was a relatively new addition to the list of eSports tournaments, this competition attracted big names from other Age of Empire titles, Warcraft, and StarCraft. Despite all odds, TheViper, the most decorated Age of Empires II player today, still won the grand prize defeating the Norwegian TheMista" Bonidis in the final.

TheViper's achievement in the tournaments was key in establishing his status in the Age of Empire IV. However, he remains a preeminent AoE II player.

Key takeaways

The biggest AoE players will be known by the end of 2022's Golden League competition. However, eSports competitions are usually marked by stiff competition due to the competition's dynamics. While the winner deserves the honors, even a player ranked fifth in the competition can still be a remarkable competitor. Bettors placing bets on eSport contests can make substantial amounts by shifting their focus from the main prize.

During the competition, players are subjected to all manner of options such as the Open Battlefields, Off-Meta Combat, Exclusive Conclusion, Playoff Group Stage, and the Final Four. As such, it is undoubtedly difficult to pick an outright winner during the early stages of the competition.

Where and how to bet on the Golden League?

The Golden League is a well-known online eSports tournament within the betting community. As such, online eSports betting sites cover the event. Considering that betting sites are not created equal, some bookmakers tend to fall short in some areas, especially in the range of betting markets. In light of this, eSports punters are always advised to do some research to determine which bookmaker offers the best coverage of betting markets.

Besides market coverage, other factors such as quality of odds, betting incentives, availability of local payment methods, and the bookie's reputation go a long way in informing a punter's choice.

Once the question of which is the best betting site has been taken care of, the punter has to shift their focus on how they bet. For starters, players are advised to take advantage of offers from the bookmaker. Due to eSport championships' nature, punters must embrace a strategic approach. And this calls for a dynamic wagering style that minimizes risks and helps in bankroll management. Also, punters should be keen to follow odds given by online eSport betting sites, as they often shed light on probable outcomes in any eSports championship or event.

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