Esports Bookmakers Accepting Solana

Online eSports bookmakers with Solana are among the most sought-after betting sites. In this guide, find out more about this crypto, its background, popularity, how to use it, the pros and cons, and more. Undoubtedly, cryptocurrency is among the most significant things happening on the eSports betting scene, a game changer. Trends show that many eSports betting enthusiasts are favoring cryptocurrency over fiat currency.

The reason for crypto's popularity in eSports wagering is primarily the eSports and blockchain ecosystem characterized by the tech-savvy young population, especially Gen Z, which has an insatiable appetite for new trends. Today, online eSports betting with Solana is the way to go.

How To Make a Deposit with Solana

How To Make a Deposit with Solana

Depositing with Solana is pretty simple. The first step is finding the best esports bookmaker with SOL. Luckily, punters don't have to do the heavy lifting, as the sites listed on this page suffice.

After settling on that bookie with this crypto, follow the steps below.

Using Solana at Online Esport Bookmakers

  • Register an account and complete the profile section
  • Navigate to the banking or cashier section and choose Solana as the preferred deposit method
  • Copy the site's Solana sending address. If it's not available, inquire with customer support
  • Log in to the SOL wallet or exchange account and make sure it is funded
  • Select the 'Send' option and input the betting site's Solana sending address
  • Enter the amount to send and finish the payment

Solana deposits take anything between five and 10 minutes to reflect on the bookie's side and, ultimately, the player's account. The turnaround majorly depends on the betting site.

The online esports betting site sets the minimum and maximum deposit limits.

Solana Mobile Deposits

One great thing about Solana is that users can deposit money from their mobile phones via the browser. With mobile payments available, punters can get in the game while on the go.

How To Make a Deposit with Solana
How To Make a Withdrawal with Solana

How To Make a Withdrawal with Solana

As with depositing, withdrawing winnings at SOL betting sites is pretty effortless.

But before going into the details, it's worth mentioning that some dealers out there don't honor winnings. But rest assured, all the betting sites listed here are run by legitimate companies that pay winners promptly. Another thing to note is that wagering requirements must be met before requesting a withdrawal. The account must also be verified for the withdrawal to go through.

To make a withdrawal, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the banking or cashier section and select Solana as the preferred payment method
  • Open another window and log into the Solana crypto wallet or exchange account
  • Click on the receive option and copy the receiving address
  • Go back to the betting site and input the receiving address
  • Enter the amount to withdraw and complete the transaction

The turnaround for withdrawal varies from one esport sportsbook to another. Most bookies will process payments almost immediately, while others will take longer, especially when huge payouts are involved.

Here again, the video game bookie sets the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits.

Solana Mobile Withdrawals

Just like with deposits, withdrawals can also be made on mobile via the mobile browser.

How To Make a Withdrawal with Solana
Solana Pros and Cons

Solana Pros and Cons

Like all other cryptos, Solana has advantages and disadvantages, as listed below.


  • Like other cryptos, SOL is decentralized. There's no central regulatory authority
  • It offers fast, secure, and affordable transactions (deposits and withdrawals)
  • Despite being new crypto, SOL supports over a dozen deposit methods
  • It facilitates under-the-radar transactions for anonymous betting


  • Even though security was overhauled, it was once a victim of a serious breach
  • Like all cryptos, Solana is volatile. Its price fluctuates often
  • It is a new cryptocurrency, so not so many egaming bookmakers accept it
  • SOL transactions are untraceable, leaving owners vulnerable at times
Solana Pros and Cons
Solana Account Opening Process

Solana Account Opening Process

Now, having looked at how to deposit and withdraw using Solana, the big question is, how is the account opening process? What are the requirements?

One good thing about Solana is that users don't have to submit personal data. This makes it an anonymous payment method as it facilitates under-the-radar transactions. For the record, the service is available for users above 18.

Solana Account Opening Process
How to Set Up Your Solana Account

How to Set Up Your Solana Account

  • The first step is to go to where a wallet will be created automatically
  • After the wallet is created, the system will generate a 24-word seed phrase that has to be saved safely
  • Consider adding an extra layer of protection using a secret password
  • After adding a password, click 'Create Wallet,' and the system will generate a Solana address
  • Copy the deposit address. This will now be the SOL receiving address

Now that an account has been created, the final step is funding the account. There are many wallet funding options, but the best Solana deposit method eSports punters can use is exchanges such as Binance.

Buy SOL, and send it to the SOL wallet by clicking the + icon on the SOL wallet. Once the account is funded, players are ready to rumble at their favorite SOL esport bookmaker.

How to Set Up Your Solana Account
Solana Customer Support Options

Solana Customer Support Options

Customer support is an important consideration when choosing crypto to transact with. As one of the leading brands, Solana has invested in a robust customer support infrastructure. Users can get help via email, telephone, and email ticketing.

The telephone is the most efficient channel as feedback is instant, while email and email ticketing response time is around an hour.

Besides email, telephone, and email ticketing, Solana has social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn) alongside a Telegram channel. Users can also get help on the Support/Troubleshooting page or the Solana Community.

Solana Customer Support Options